Shapewear is fast, practical and effective. These shapers have gained more and more the taste of women for their ease of use. However, for these to be used correctly and more effectively, they must be chosen in the right way.

Every woman has a body shape and consequently needs a type of shapewear. For this, it is essential that before buying a shapewear, the consumer knows how to identify shapewear type.

Shapewear Types

  • Bodysuit

Wholesale body shapers  are  the one that promotes the greatest compression in the body. The fact that she tightens her breasts, waist, butt and thighs makes it an interesting possibility.

Modeling bodies are often beautiful and elegant pieces. They are very interesting for those who dare with a low-cut piece, in addition to combining well with dresses. This style of shapewear is indicated for people who have a body with measurements that they want to be more proportionate, as it models the silhouette and other areas of the body, such as: Breasts, waist, belly, abdomen and back.

  • Shorts

They serve to disguise cellulite and fat in the region between the buttocks and thighs. And, of course, minimize the volume of the belly. Bermuda shorts are interesting options for this.

Even the shorts model has variants. For example, it is possible both to find shorter models and to find options whose modeling goes to the knee. That is, it has for every taste, size and need. This style is suitable for people who have a bigger butt or thigh or who have a little belly. Because he models the abdomen region but also the legs and butt. This shaper when used correctly produces a beautiful shaping of the curves.

  • Panties

Another model of modeling belt that is in everything at the moment is the one with the shape of panties. Its high waistband not only promotes compression in the region, but also enhances the buttocks.

Who never wanted to give that butt prance? The possibility of making it look firmer is gaining more and more fans, while it is a comfortable, discreet item that adapts well to any social event. This style is suitable for all body tipps. It is usually one of women’s favorites because it can be easily worn under clothes and also because it is discreet and provides good support for the body.

  • Waist Trainer

Wholesale waist trainers with logo are modelers that train the waist, abdomen and tummy. These shapewear are indicated for people who have a body with more mass in the belly area. With their compression bands, these shapers manage to make the user model this region, thus obtaining a decrease in the volume of the belly and also the modeling of the waist and abdomen. Decreasing measures and increasing the self-confidence of those who use them.

  • Sport Set

Sport suit women are shapewear style indicated for people who have a more athletic or sporty build. These clothes have good resistance and elasticity, being true helpers for practitioners of exercises and physical activities. Made with soft, body-adjustable fabrics, these pieces will make the user’s curves even more defined and visually beautiful. Practicing physical exercises wearing clothes of good durability and quality is essential to increase the safety and well-being of its practitioners.

Choosing the shapewear that best adapts to the user’s body can become an even simpler task when you know well the body style you have and the desired goal. Using the models in the most appropriate and correct way, it will be even easier to achieve the desired goals.