Designing underwear for Viktor & Rolf is “very Zen”

Viktor & Rolf, a French fashion brand known for its high fashion, is doing underwear business. Of course, it is not alone. Viktor & Rolf collaborated with another French brand, Aubade, to turn this boudoir dream into reality. With the bows of these two brands, the capsule collection features a slightly oversized bow on the back of pink and black lingerie and bra styles.

“In Haute Couture, you will consider the meter. For this reason, we are forced to think in millimeters,” Viktor Horsting told the Women’s Daily, “The process of creating underwear, which he called “very Zen.”

Underwear usually triggers more positive reactions, but “comfort and happiness” is a top priority for the Viktor & Rolf team in designing this capsule. The series will be available in June next year.

Elle Brown of Love Island wears red underwear

Elle Brown of Love Island wears red underwear, then changes to a translucent body, and performs a sexy calendar shot after being associated with Joey Essex
She has had contact with former star Joe Essex.

Ellie Brown showed off her sexy side as she took a series of beautiful photos for the 2019 calendar.

The 20-year-old Love Island star is portrayed as showing her enviable lens image, including a very sexy red lace bra and shorts.
When she poses with red high heels, she looks at every inch of the model and lets her blonde lock roll over her shoulder.
Another shot shows Ellie’s limbs as she uses a transparent one-piece and fitted high heels with her makeup expert.

Geordie’s beauty proved that she was a camera professional because she was photographed with a red rose lying on the bed wrapped in ruffled white shorts and a white strapless bra.
She wore a white vest top and lace panties, wearing another look that looked tempting.

Although another photo shows Elli’s gym honed figure, she pulled a black piece on her belt and highlighted her legs.

Her professional make-up has made her blue eyes popular with a hint of golden eyeshadow and a touch of mascara with a nude lipstick.

Recently, the blond blockbuster seems to confirm her relationship with the 28-year-old Joe Essex, and then posted a pair of photos that lock her lips online.
Earlier on the Internet, a video was shared earlier this month, and Ellie said: ‘After absolutely smashing it, the couple locked their lips! I am very proud to refer to his ongoing projects.

Ellie was heartbroken by Charlie Brake, the co-star of Love Island earlier this year, and a few months later, this new romantic story appeared.

Despite her relationship with Joey, insiders claim that Ellie also found another TOWIE connection after she was closely related to Pittwicks at the ITV celebrations held at the Royal Festival Hall in London last month.

Source: Lin and Maxine Windram, Brava Lingerie

For Lin and Maxine Windram, bra shopping is always a frustrating and ultimately disappointing experience.

According to the 2009 data of underwear suppliers, it is estimated that 40% of Australian women wear women whose size is DD or higher, their mother and daughter, but they find that many retailers only carry one or two styles, if any, In their size. Maxine recalled having to wear a “grandma bra” when she was a teenager because it was the only person who suited her.

“I remember coming out of my first bra fit experience and felt that I was a problem. My body was very unusual, because only one of all the bras in the department store was right for me,” Maxine told IRW.

“At that time, the bra can only be used for DD. You find an E-cup from time to time, which is considered to be a very large size.”

After enduring a bra that was unfit or unsightly for many years, Lin and Maxine asked themselves one day, if we could get into the store and find the right things, what we liked and what we were interested in?

The answer is Brava Lingerie, their professional retail business that began in 2006, which is dedicated to women who wear D cups and above.

Here, Lin and Maxine talk about how they plan to nearly double their store network in the next five years and how they can avoid the discount trap.

Inside Retail Weekly: Can you tell us a snapshot of the Brava Lingerie business today? How many stores and employees do you have, what is your annual sales?

Lin Windram: We opened our sixth store in Camberwell, Victoria last week. The rest are in Victoria, except for the Sydney family that we opened more than a year ago. We have about 40 employees across the enterprise – all women – in marketing, buying and e-commerce.

Maxine Windram: We are a bit reluctant to share our annual sales, but we can say that our retail stores grow by 5% to 20% per year, depending on the store and at what stage. Our current online sales account for approximately 20% of total revenue and are still growing. We are always asked to open more stores, and we plan to open a new store every year for the next five years, so we certainly have a growth plan that meets our needs.

Nikki Bella took off her black underwear after turning to 35 and sharing her gratitude

Niki Bella has passed the wire, but she also has a lot to thank. The former WWE champion celebrated her birthday on the 21st and looks better than ever.

Bella announced on Instagram that her online boutique with her sister Berry is undergoing a Black Friday promotion, with a 25% discount. In the promotion position, athletes are using the Birdiebee brand to swing black underwear.
On Thursday, the twins told followers what she was thanking for in the long title on social media.

“Happy Thanksgiving! I am very grateful for the many wonderful things in my life and the many incredible people in my life. I am very grateful to my family and my best friends. I always share them with ladies when I need them. WWE Ring, a group of energetic and passionate women, co-founded Evolution, my Total Bellas and Total Divas production team, staff and gorgeous squad, they work hard all year round, all away from their families, love you all. All the amazing people I work at WWE, “The reality show star begins.
She continued: “Many of them motivate me, teach me, help me grow, all the sunsets I enjoy, all the lessons I have learned, good and bad days, my life coach and the people around her. Give me strength and smile to bear the unknown, to those who have invested too much time and confidence and my sister, my Belle Radici partner makes my own and Brill’s dream come true in the wine industry, my Birdiebee The team worked very hard all day, turning the vision of me and Brill into reality, bringing their love and support to the Bella army, which is different from anyone else, for all brave men and women in our army. The same is true of our firefighters, police and women. I am very grateful to each of you!”

The wrestlers had a tough year after failing to get engaged with John Cena. She is also accused of falsifying the relationship of “comprehensive Bellas”.
Fortunately, Nikki once again found herself and focused on her work. What do you think she should do next?

Sarah Michelle Gellar apologizes after being accused of humiliating underwear photos

Sarah Michelle Gellar apologizes for a sticker photo of her own sexy lingerie, accusing her of humiliating and ridiculing eating disorders.

She wrote on Instagram on Sunday: “I just fixed them all on my house to remind us not to overeat #thanksgivingprep on Sunday.”
According to reports, the 41-year-old “Vampire Hunter Buffy” star is taken from the 2007 photo of Maxim Men’s Magazine.

As of Wednesday, the post has been “like” more than 176,000 times. “Nothing wrong with giving yourself power,” wrote a pink silk. “I don’t think this is a bit shame at all.”

But this photo also caused a sensation, and people and entertainment reported some criticism tonight.

“Your title is problematic. I suggest you do some research on eating disorders, the mental health problems that arise with them, and how diet culture is harmful to women,” one commenter said. “Girls look at you, you should pay attention to the information you send.

“How to empower women!” wrote another. “It’s disappointing to use your platform to promote an annual holiday, which should be about unity and gratitude.”

Entertainment Tonight pointed out that a few female celebrities and many Gellar fans praised her.

According to ET, “KAWEEN,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wrote. “@sarahmgellar, is it really strange if I send these photos to my home?”

According to reports, when the debate continued, Galla wrote an apology on Instagram.

“I noticed that some people think that I am “shameful” about this article. This can’t go beyond my intentions,” she wrote.

“I like Thanksgiving, unfortunately, my eyes are often bigger than my stomach, and I tend to eat too much, and I am sick myself. This is a joke reminding me not to do this. I am very sorry, My humour tries to make people angry. Anyone who knows me knows that I will never deliberately “humiliate” anyone. I am the champion of everyone.”

Many of her fans wrote that there is no need to apologize.

“Good master, I saw @ jennifer.garner like it a few days ago, which made me laugh,” one wrote. “I am a fat 34-year-old 7-year-old mother and it is not a second. I think this is rude or humiliating or against anything. I believe she just hints that we will increase weight and stay focused during the holidays. Love you girl!”

Online underwear business started retail store push

The digital origin retailer opened a store at the Bridgewater Commons shopping centre in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Covering an area of ​​3,600 square feet, the area is the brand’s second physical store to date, twice the size of its first location (above), which opened in June at the Staten Island Mall. Located in the Staten Island area of ​​New York City.

The two stores mark the beginning of Adore Me’s advancement in physical retailing. The brand plans to open 300 stores in the next five years. The upcoming location in January includes 5,000 square feet. Located in Providence, Providence, the Providence Square covers an area of ​​2,700 square feet. Willowbrook Mall, Wayne, N.J. The space is similar to the Staten Island Mall, both of which are owned by Brookfield Properties.

The new Bridgewater Outpost is designed to convey Adore Me’s “Everyone’s Inner Confidence” mission and show empowerment in walls and fitting rooms. The space is in pastel tones and matches the brand’s online identity. The lounge area encourages participation in the space. (The store is designed by the Lawrence Group, based in New York City.) High-tech elements such as smart RFID fitting rooms and other technologies will collect, analyze and visualize data from in-store customer engagement.

Online, Adore Me promotes its growth through international expansion. The brand launched its website in Australia last year and launched a variety of products in the UK and China this year.

The activist stood on the underwear outside the Dublin Palace. “I didn’t ask for it” painted her unity with the victims of rape.

On Monday, an activist embarked on the streets of Dublin, except for underwear and body painting, just for protesting consent.

The 26-year-old Stacie Ellen Murphy from Ballybough, Dublin, is walking along the streets of the Irish capital. In addition to her underwear, the other slogans are printed with the slogan “This is not a consent!” And ‘I am not asking for it! ‘

Ms. Murphy’s protest coincided with the decision of 51-year-old Patrick O’Dea, who was sentenced to jail for 17 years on Monday when she raped Leona in a graveyard when she was 13 years old. Leona O’Callaghan.

After the verdict was over, O’Callaghan was seen as embracing Murphy outside the court.

Murphy later said: ‘I listen to her (Ms. O’Callaghan) for an interview and walk towards her.

“I asked her what she was doing and gave her a hug and told her how brave she was.

“She actually started crying, I am awed by this bravery. It is too excited, amazing.
Last week, Ms. Murphy’s protests were angered because a rape lawyer’s lawyer referred to underwear suspected of juvenile victims.

On Tuesday, TD Ruth Coppinger raised a thong in the Dail room to highlight some of the public’s indignation. In this case, the male defendant was acquitted.

It also sparked a popular social media campaign where women posted photos of their underwear.

Ms. Murphy, 26, from Ballybough, Dublin, added: “I want to know that in the case of rape, no clothing should be mentioned.”

After protesting outside the court, Ms. Murphy went to Stephen Green and gave a speech on consent.

She said she got a lot of support.

She said: ‘It’s amazing. This is a good response, people come to me and give me a hug. There is a girl crying.

Sustainable sex: New Paltz store offers “green” underwear indulgence

Modern women should wear a lot of hats and take on many different responsibilities, but how many different people can you really have at the same time? For example, is it possible to lead a politically correct, environmentally friendly “wake up” existence, and still be like a bowl of granola, not just and and sexy rather than and and blocky? Melissa Orsini thinks so. Stop at her brand new store at Salix Intimates, she will tell you how.

Sustainable underwear is the jam of Orsini. She is a young Brooklyn hipster who has spent most of her career in the retail industry, the last six years of managing a clothing store in fashionable Williamsburg. There, she established relationships with suppliers who have just begun to bring markets and casual wear to the market, reflecting the interest of contemporary consumers in reducing their carbon footprint.

“I always wanted to be a business owner,” Orsini said. Recently, she also found that she wanted to get rid of the pressure of the big city and turned her attention to the new Paltz: “My parents have been here for a long time.” She is ready to let her move this fall, and very fortunate Distorted, a small, airy shop on the upper level of the Water Street Market became available – just across the parking lot of the upcoming Denizen Theatre.

Orsini immediately grabbed the space and it was easy to understand why she thought it was perfect to show what she wanted: the sun was pouring in through the windows, and if you appeared at the end of the business hours, you can take a look when you appreciate the goods. The sun shines on the Gunks. Drawn in white and neutral tones, Salix Intimates is full of living plants and has the feel of a high-end tree house, adding a touch of fun to the shopping experience.

Sales of underwear and “lifestyle products” are very interesting. All the clothes look both chic and comfortable, not too much for the girls. Frederick’s Hollywood cheesy can’t be found here, with no extra decorations and fur, and no baby shower gel. Orsini’s color tastes tend to be unusually dark and rich in tones – elegant brown, maroon, grey, forest green, dark blue, occasional 30’s style prints – and wardrobe staples black, white and beige. She promised that Yuletide gemstone tones will be available soon.

But what’s really amazing is that all these seemingly luxurious shorts – not to mention socks, robes and pajamas – are made with something that is good for the planet. Kent Woman supplies fair trade organic silk garments; Mary Young uses comfortable blends of bamboo and cotton robes; only Hearts uses recycled lace to trim underwear; Swedish stockings are made entirely from repositioned stockings to make fishnet anklets, pantyhose and Tights. “They are the only sustainable sock companies in the world,” Orsini said. “When you take their products out, they bring them back. Finally, they are finally woven into mats to collect oil spills in the ocean.”

Exquisite pharmaceutical products, all made from organic and sustainable, often produced locally, are concentrated on a variety of fascinating small collections (mostly Orsini’s wooden dressers from the antique barn next door). Meow Meow from Gardiner has skin care products in plastic packaging; the taste of soy travel-sized candles from Brooklyn Candle Studios; ointments and balms, even soothing oils on temples and wrists, For Calm the F *** Down, from a group called Herbal Underground, this is a group in Brooklyn, but grows herbs on the CSA in the north. You can buy organic toothbrushes that don’t break down like plastic for centuries, compostable silk floss, reusable bamboo straws with a cleaning kit (ideal for New Paltz, amirite?).

Coming soon, it will definitely cause some eyebrows, and will be a reusable menstrual product from Glad Rags, including an interesting color printable washable pad. “All products in the store I own or use,” the owner assured us. “It’s not fancy,” she said, and she wanted to make sure that Salix “is definitely a safe space” that allows women to expand their intimate clothing and products. She made professional private bra accessories in the tent-like dressing room. She said maternal and nursing bras are in the final vision and “I am looking for sustainable sportswear” such as jogbras. Currently, the size of the store ranges from ultra-small to very large, but this choice is also expected to expand: “I am trying to focus on including the size as much as possible.” Why is it suitable for slim and slim sexy underwear?

Cora Harrington, an underwear addict, about labor, bra size, and Victoria’s secret issues

Vogue’s Nicole Phelps recently interviewed Ed Razek, Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria’s Secret, about the company’s legacy and relevance in 2018. The lingerie giant has just been involved in many of its annual fashion shows, and the brand has just been promoted from Kardashian. – The Jenner team decided to wear iconic angel wings and bottom layers for their Halloween costumes, for millions of likes and a series of news stories.

But this interview reveals a loophole that has been a household name for more than three decades. Phelps asked if Victoria’s secret would pay more attention to diversity and inclusiveness – especially considering that Savage X Fenty used plus size models and very pregnant Slick Woods in his runway show – and Razek became more defensive And said that if they try, it will “greet” something similar, because “the brand has a specific image and has a point of view. It has a history.” He went on to explain that Victoria’s secret is about fantasy, not tolerance. Sex, political correctness, or a pleasant nasty reporter.

Cora Harrington, founder and editor of The Lingerie Addict, is ready to sneak out.

“No one is impressed with the size range of the 40DDD,” Harrington said in a tweet. “Victoria’s secret can and should be done more.” She continued: “An 80-year-old man owns the company and a The 70-year-old man ran. Their outdated views – about women, gender, plus size, and opposition – are making VS a worse brand.”

However, Harrington also quickly recorded the company’s so-called terminal illness, and pointed out that both Savage X and ThirdLove could not reach the firm income of the mall; she wrote: “Victoria’s secret sales are declining, and the brand name is currently more consumer affinity. Low, but anyone who tells you that they are on the verge of death or bankruptcy is not correct.”

Harrington is a realist. If she didn’t tell you to save “Victoria’s Secret is dead,” she would remind you that spending more than $40 on a bra is actually not “bad” or “unfair.” And she can do this with authority, because Cora Harrington knows her shit. With the underwear addict, she turned her hobby into a full-time job; at the scene, she and her writers commented on lingerie and provided information guides for drug addicts and casual underwear-wearers. Her approach is hairless; for example, in 2017, Harrington decided that TLA no longer accepts reviews from brands.

Harrington recently expanded her reach through her first book, In Intimate Detail, a handbook of aesthetically pleasing hardcover packaging for the future. Between the illustrated breast shape guide and the tips for purchasing a bodice, some pant political followers will be recognized from her online presence. On the phone, I talked about Harrington’s work on underwear, Victoria’s secrets, and the real reason why the bra cost so much money before she personally faced her personal bra accessories. Edit length and clarity of the interview below.

JEZEBEL: I think for a long time, the bra discourse is like, “Oh, your bra is the wrong size! How crazy!” In intimate details, what I really like is that it is a bit beyond it. What does it mean to wear a suitable size? What does it mean to have different shapes and sizes? But I also think it’s interesting that you wrote that the most important thing to remember is that “nothing can replace trial and error.” I think many people may be shut down. Do you think people should be prepared, if they are ready to enter this lingerie trip, have different bra sizes in their collection?

Charlotte McKinney has found the perfect underwear feel

Feel sexy on her skin! Charlotte McKinney is on the beach of the beach ambulance, supporting her in the seductive GUESS ad, dancing in the dance hall with the stars, but the 25-year-old model faces us every day. The same struggle.

Best Celebrity Beach Body in 2018: The star opened a new window in a bikini and swimsuit.

Part of her self-love journey is to find not only beautiful underwear, but also the right fit for her. “I have been paying attention to underwear for years and it has been difficult to find the underwear that best fits the chest,” she told Stylish. In order to combat her limited choices, McKinney decided to open a new window with Wolf & Whistle. On November 13th, an affordable series was launched for women in bodice.

Celebrities in underwear: show off their mothers giving them stars in underwear
“I want to create my own underwear collection for a while now because I am not always satisfied with the choices available,” she said. Her 20-piece debut series is for everyone, with cup sizes ranging from 32 to 36 B-G, US 2 to 12, and prices ranging from $15 to $45.

“Confidence is something I have been working on. I hope that through this route, I can help support any other girl who has experienced the same thing. … I want women to be able to put on their own things and feel when they leave home. Good, whether they are wearing T-shirts, working, or being in other important people,” she explained.

The star without underwear opened a new window.

The best part? The style is supportive and sexy. “I looked at the inspiration of the old magazine and the old La Perla ad and stripped it back to the foundation and kept it simple, clean and beautiful,” she revealed.
“I like to feel good under my clothes, and there are some things that suit me. … I think I wear black underwear and a black bra, and anything that hugs my curves in the right way, I Feeling the sexiest, I don’t think I’m protruding or anything too tight or too big,” she said.