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Whether you are feminine, innocent, simple or charming, unrestrained, sexy are inseparable from the care of the underwear. Underwear on modern women, not only has to adjust the chest so simple function, or a person’s life taste and emotional appeal symbol. Now the market underwear brand a lot, there are chest care function, there are beautiful, there are drug treatment. As a woman should be able to choose a good fit for their own underwear, wear out their own unique beauty and personality grade. According to the different clothing and use, women can choose according to their own preferences the following underwear

1. Front opening type.
The back of the underwear in the front of the central, so it is easy to wear, because there is no buttons behind, so the back of the curve becomes more beautiful, the most suitable for transparent material clothes, and easy to reveal underwear clothes. This type of underwear also has a relatively narrow type of nipple spacing, so with the body shape to choose. In addition, in the cup part, choose a better material, you can tightly wrapped the breast, not free to shake
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2. girls underwear.
This underwear and mature woman’s underwear compared to the higher position in the armpit and anterior axillary part of the relatively small. Due to taking into account the girl’s development is not yet complete, so the design focuses on the sense of comfort and weight considerations
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3. pregnant women underwear.
In order to facilitate the breast, cups before the use of the way before the deduction, can be used during pregnancy, production and lactation, suitable for a variety of different changes.

Summer hot, but also let the chest feel the natural breathing, skin-friendly breathable fabric, so you can easily feel in the summer cool and comfortable. Flanking part of the body with the cartilage, Shoufang side of the breasts to create a female body curve, U-shaped back design, wrapped back fat, to achieve the effect of the body, more unobtrusive butterfly embellishment, Smart and lively, sweet and lovely, the release of extraordinary The charm of embroidery lace, more women show looming hazy beauty.

ELLE underwear small chest gather without steel bra set sexy lace beauty backpack underwear brassiere bra
Elegant and elegant black lace yarn side, outline the charming Breast, delicate and sexy sultry. Close to the full cup style, with a good gathering effect, at any time to show the charming posture. Three-quarter cup, comfortable wrapped chest, gentle support dairy, gather bimodal, sexy sultry, cute butterfly embellishment, cute cute, preferred fabric, skin-friendly breath, highlight the elegant feminine while enjoying breathable comfort.

Anna honey sexy lace girl underwear suit small chest thickening gather side of the collection of bra bra
Black and white with the achievements of the classic mix, the mysterious black and pure white stitch made of delicate lace pattern with thin through the net yarn fabric, revealing the slightest little woman feelings. On the thin under the thick cup design, with a good gathering effect, small chest girls will wear very sexy, high-quality fabrics, comfortable breathable, skin-friendly is also very good.

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