We started in the teens when we wear bra, bra for our chest can play a very good protective effect, but if the bra is not replaced if the time will be counterproductive, then the bra should be how long?

How long do you wear it?
Girls are best to avoid wearing 24 hours a day underwear, because wearing underwear for too long will make the chest breathless, so that the blood circulation around the chest is not smooth, thus affecting the health of the chest. And if the underwear is too small, or too tight, then the greater the damage to the body, so do not wear more than 12 hours a day underwear.

2. How often for a change
Under normal circumstances, the comparison recommended 3-6 months for a lingerie, but because the quality of underwear is not the same, so for different underwear, the replacement frequency is not the same. We can choose according to the following criteria.

If you find that your cup has been a significant deformation, then it is necessary to replace the underwear. When the upper body when the chest and cups found between the gap, cups in the stack, if there is uneven situation, it is necessary to replace.

Shoulder strap
Shoulder strap if there has been a decline in the phenomenon, it can not care in the chest, if this situation is not replaced, it will make the chest sagging, can not play the effect of gathering.

Pilling the ball
If the underwear inside the pilling situation, indicating that the time has been too long, the underwear will wash is not clean, do not change the chest will affect the health.

No matter how lingerie manufacturer good underwear, if a long time, there will be pilling, or is not in the portable type, when we move will be channeling. Steel care will be deformed, can not be very good to hold the chest, so if you continue to wear, it will affect the chest type of fixed, so that the chest deformation. So our underwear must be replaced in time Oh!