Often in a variety of social software to see many girls initiated the “flat chest is a kind of experience”, which is a self-esteem self-deprecating, or even a sad. After all, in the moment, there are still a lot of people will be the size of the chest and sexy or not linked.
Many women are often too large chest feel low self-esteem, because they do not want to be someone else’s strange eyes, prefer to choose the chest hump, also dare not bow head calmly show people.

But really, sexy should be a kind of self-sent from the inside out of self-confidence temperament, not just about the simple sensuality. Chest small also belong to my unique self-confidence charm; chest big but disdain selling themselves, I have my dignity and pride.
No ditch why hard squeeze, chest and no need to hide. God gave you this body, you should love it respect it, the truth is also a beautiful. Choose a suitable for their own underwear, the same can make themselves full of confidence.

This is a suitable for large breast sister underwear, ultra-thin full cup design, you can make the fullness of the chest will not look great, lace and mesh stitching, vaguely perspective, revealing a trace of sexy. Cup face with large flower lace, gloss is very soft, while thin and transparent, shoulder strap detail design is also in place, jacquard flower bud shoulder strap design, giving a delicate and romantic feeling, black sexy, pink girl.

This is a very luxurious underwear, professional gathering effect is very suitable for small chest sister. Dimensional mold cup, to strengthen the stereotypes, so that the chest to move forward, to enhance the chest line, increase the effect of fullness and high. Exquisite lace in the cup face, showing a mesh effect, romantic and breathable to wear a good shape and comfort.

Body of this kind of thing is largely determined by the innate, big chest has sexy beauty, small chest also has handsome Feel. The key is that we have to love ourselves, first of all have to choose from the United States and the United States began to underwear!