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If there is something like a girl with a lifetime, then it must be lingerie. Lingerie for boys may be just underwear, but for girls who have reached the height of the partner. A good underwear can give girls unimaginable protection, said girls to the age of 25 can wear some naive underwear, but after the age of 25 must wear high quality underwear, complete sets of underwear.

It is because the underwear in our extraordinary significance, we need better cleaning care it. And most of the girls in the election when the underwear is very serious, but to wash the underwear when the whole mess. There are several ways to clean the wrong way, look at the following list of ways you have no use of the method.

1. Underwear and underwear into the washing machine

Many girls are always lazy without hand wash underwear, all the clothes directly into the washing machine. This is not only the most harm the shape of underwear, but also the most unsanitary. First of all, the degree of bacterial growth inside the washing machine is something we can not imagine. Washing machine washing too much clothing, if not often clean up certainly is very dirty. And underwear have our own personal clothing, wash directly on the washing machine can only wash more dirty. And the general belt underwear in the washing machine toss a few times, the shape becomes very poor.

2. Water sterilization

Many girls think that with high temperature water can be cleaned to kill the bacteria on the underwear. This point of view is precisely the right way to clean the underwear. We bought the underwear generally marked above the best water temperature should be room temperature water, not hot nor ice. And high temperature cleaning underwear will damage the underwear material in the fiber composition, shorten underwear life.

3. Wash the liquid or detergent in direct contact

Wash the clothes when the most taboo is directly to the laundry liquid squeezed on the underwear. The concentration of laundry detergent or detergent that has not been diluted by water is too high to be in direct contact with the clothes. Not only for washing underwear so, wash the other clothes should also be diluted inside the water.

4. Excessive cleaning

Excessive cleaning means too much laundry detergent or detergent. Slightly thicker underwear is rich in sponges, in the manufacture of foam on the ability of super, so use too much laundry detergent will produce a lot of foam. Just flush several times is difficult to completely clean the foam, the residual foam on the skin more damage. So, do not wash too much do not wash clean.

No steel full cup underwear
No steel ring full cup heart is very popular models. So that you are not in order to have a mark, wearing uncomfortable, this underwear not only wearing sexy and charming, and very comfortable, gathered chest type, will not let your chest sagging. This underwear is designed for chest big friends who are comfortable, but also can create the perfect chest type.

Adjustable bra
Adjustable bra is a soft cotton cup full cup, comfortable gather, full cup tolerance, suitable for fullness of the MM; high ear design to increase the high ear, the effective addition of milk; U-shaped back, reduce the pressure on the shoulder, Fat, landscaping lines, show the perfect body, make you sexy and charming.

Received double breasted underwear
Close the breasts three buckle underwear using honeycomb pattern lace, let you feel the home of the quiet and comfortable at the same time, did not forget to reveal the female home when the small sexy, small fresh pure natural color, let you return to me. Shoulder strap and the lower circumference with a widening design, effective sharing shoulder weight, to prevent the chest sagging.

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