In the election underwear on this matter, my sister has always been very serious. In a few years ago, we seem to be very inclined, that kind of relatively thick, there are steel ring, strong gathering of underwear. Now, the girls have thrown the steel ring, began to love no steel underwear, and this is no steel underwear, in the end how good it.

With underwear of the steel ring, the general bondage is relatively strong. Although the effect is really strong gathering, but the thickness of underwear, coupled with the oppression of the ring, make the chest feel very Le.

And there are studies that women wear a long time with a steel ring, too tight underwear, easy to chest tightness, breathless situation, the development of the chest is also very bad.

Especially for adolescent girls, the chest is still in a stage of development, a long time imprisonment, not only will affect the development of physical health also have a certain impact.

No steel underwear, in the chest less a certain sense of oppression, not only to make the chest more natural breathing, it will not affect the normal development of the chest.

1, no steel mesh underwear. Remove the steel ring, but still have a great effect of gathering. The back is a cross-belt design, can better modify the United States back. Large area of ​​romantic lace surface, with soft mesh fabric, very beautiful and very sexy.

2, Europe and the United States Triangle Cup underwear. Put aside the general underwear buckle wear method, with elastic instead, in the summer to avoid the buckle loosened embarrassing situation. Smooth satin, with no trace design, coupled with ultra-soft lace, to bring the skin more friendly care.

3, one-piece gather underwear. The back of the design is very smooth, underwear also has enough support force, can make the chest more concentrated. No steel ring, naturally there is no pressure. Breathable fabric selection, will not let the chest stuffy.

4, ultra-thin sexy Seamless bra. Ultra-thin fabric, and the fabric is also very soft selection, with fine shoulder strap, the whole underwear are revealing sexy feminine. At the edge of the hood, with the lace of the lace edge, the performance of the charm of women.