Christmas is coming, one of the most important and special dates of the year, and with that, we start thinking about who we want to present. However, when we don’t have that much money, buying a gift becomes challenging. But rest assured, we have a solution!

Have you ever thought about making gifts for your loved ones at home? The coolest thing about this is that you will be able to make a personalized gift for each person, and they will feel happy knowing that you took the time out of your day to make the gift. There are several types of homemade gifts that you can make for your loved ones, and I’ve separated some to inspire you.

Embroidered or Painted Dish Cloth

With dishcloth fabric, you can create beautiful clothes to give as a gift, especially to housewives. Dishcloth is never too much, and whoever wins will definitely love the gift! With fabric paints, you can make very creative designs, and you can even buy ready-made cross-stitch embroidery strips, to just sew on the cloth, it’s much easier. Add ribbons and lace to add extra charm.


This is a gift option that I would love to receive! Candles are decorative and make environments much more cozy and pleasant. It may seem difficult, but making a candle is much easier than you might think, and there are several tutorials on the internet to teach you how to do it. You can decorate it with items like flowers and plant branches for example, it looks really cute!

Creative Light Fixtures

Handmade lamps are a great option for children and teenagers. There are countless models that you can make in your home, everything will depend on your creativity. There are options that can be made with cans, for example, with ropes, crochets, pvc pipes, and much more.

Christmas wreaths

You can make garlands with many different materials, such as cardboard, wire, crochet, cotton, among others. In the image below you are already an example for you to be inspired and make to gift someone special. It’s a great gift option to give this time of year.

Decorated pots

Decorated pots can be used for many things, such as storing objects, storing spices or other foods, and even serving as a vase for plants. It looks beautiful as a decoration in the environment, and it is something very easy to make. Just abuse your creativity and make beautiful pots.

Handmade notepad

This item is perfect for those who work in the office, or for those people who love to write, and always like to have a notepad close at hand. It’s a very easy gift to make, with paper, glue, and fabric you can already make a very cute notepad. Ribbons, stickers, buttons and more can also be used.


Beaded accessories are back with everything, they are very popular, and most people like them. You can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and even rings with beads. Observe the style of the person you are going to present, and bet on beads that have to do with the person’s style.

One tip is to buy beads with letters and make the person’s name, I’m sure your gift will be a success. Besides, it’s not just children who like this kind of gift, teenagers and adults will love it too, and it will be perfect to use when the heat and beach season arrives.

These are just a few options, which are great gifts for your friends and family. Keep in mind what is each person’s style, to know what will be the ideal gift for each one.