There’s a strong possibility that you use mascara to give your lashes that extra boost whether you have short, medium, or long lashes. Whether you have short, medium or long lashes, there’s a good chance you use mascara to add volume to your lashes. As a result, even one layer of mascara can cause lashes to appear flaky, dry, and clumpy. We set out to uncover the top conditioning mascaras that will maintain your lashes healthy and supple because that is never the intention.

To get a thick, long, AND dramatic lash look, you don’t need to have an advanced fake lash application. No glue is necessary; the correct volumizing mascara will do that. Your lashes will be everything but subtle as a result. We’re talking about pigment-rich, buildable formulas that flake very little or hardly throughout the day.

The saying “eyes are windows to the soul” is something we’ve all heard. If the proverb is accurate, it has a lot to say about eyelashes!

Also, there is a rising need for lashes that are extremely long due to the popularity of procedures like lash lifts and extensions.

But there are many more ways to get long, voluminous lashes, both short-term and long-term if you don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive lash treatments.


Almost 126,000 users have liked Milk Makeup’s KUSH High Volumizing Mascara on Sephora, making it a customer favorite. The well-liked mascara, which comes in a stylish silver bottle, is made of fibers that give the appearance of longer, fuller lashes, nourishing hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, and vegan beeswax to keep the fibers firmly attached to each lash.

Because it is so conditioned, you may keep applying layers without the lashes becoming dry or uncomfortable. Great volume with a wide brush that grips every lash. It was simple to declare this the greatest overall product. Because the high ratings it received from customers and experts alike. Just screw the lid back on tightly after each use to avoid the mixture becoming a bit lumpy.


This is my favorite conditioning mascara; it contains rosehip oil added to nourish lashes in addition to its lengthening and volumizing properties, she says. The cost won’t be prohibitive either. And unlike the other mascaras on our list, it comes in a variety of hues and waterproof varieties. Also, even though the waterproof formula can completely survive any tear-jerking circumstance, it may be incredibly challenging to remove. We recommend using an oil-based remover like Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover to dissolve every last trace.



The conditioning, panthenol-infused Pat McGrath Laboratories FetishEyes Lengthening Mascara has a thickly-bristled brush that smoothly coats and fans out every lash. We adore that it can be built up so that it can be utilized for both more formal occasions and everyday makeup looks. The brush may be a touch too thick for certain people, especially if you have hooded eyes, as this can occasionally result in smudging.


The thin mascara lifts and lengthens lashes while adding a subtle hint of color that never flakes off or looks clumpy.

The microfibers in this mascara thicken up the entire lash line, making it ideal for those seeking substantial length. Also, I’m very impressed by its water-resistant composition.

“It doesn’t smudge, it conditions your lashes, and while doing the job, it looks incredibly light. I appreciate how easily it can be removed with warm water at the end of the day while lasting up to 12 hours without flaking or smudging.


These mascaras’ main ingredient is designed to provide the appearance of longer eyelashes. These mascaras work well for those who favor a more natural cosmetic appearance. In reality, after covering the lashes with the extending mascara, the eyes look bigger and brighter.