Do you have your autumn lingerie ready for the season?

Seasonal change clothes, summer lingerie and then wear a week on the new friends, after the beginning of autumn, the weather turned cool, and gradually to the summer sweat soaked underwear all updated. Give yourself a whole new season experience it.

Summer white ultra-thin transparent sexy bra set breathable lace gather underwear underwear girl bra
Craftsmanship lace and hollow lace with clever, decorated with heart and heart of the diamond bow, sexy and elegant. Ultra-thin sexy design, the cup net yarn soft breathable. Sketched out just the arc, so that underwear fit the skin, as part of the female soft lines.

No rims half a cup to gather sexy massage palm SPA small chest a piece of seamless underwear bra
For the choice of massage bra also thickening of the MM, this is more appropriate, massage indifferent bra, the role of the middle massage sponge can help MM hold up the chest, play a “big chest” effect, cartilage Replaced the steel ring, comfortable not tight Le.

Women’s underwear women’s cotton fabric in the waist sexy summer large fat mm flat angle abdomen no trace high waist
Pure cotton material quality assurance, fashion printing design is not monotonous, three-dimensional cut, no seal package, put on very comfortable, suitable for you taste.

Stereo gathers invisible dress bra no straps non-slip lace bra wrapped chest
This underwear does not tie the skin, lace is beautiful, the color is very good, small chest I can wear clothing model effect, unexpected! Very cute and sexy … Take care of both sexy and comfortable. Mention the chest effect is particularly good, the code number is also appropriate, sexy ah sexy. This one underwear wearing a super comfortable, very good.

Summer day sexy lace before the deduction no trace no rim bra underwear women gathered
This underwear suit feel good, the quality of work details are very delicate. Material soft and comfortable, fashionable and beautiful. Fresh lace silk yarn wrapped around the cup side, the goddess of the sound blowing, no steel front buckle, such as hands like pushing the chest, cups between the wide heart to let the charming chest line inadvertently revealed. Na, turned out to be a hidden actress goddess.

No large size of the big chest chest chest is a small cup full of cup brains mm small chest underwear thin section
In order to make the chest curve look good, some sister paper to buy concentrated underwear. But the sister paper you do not know, too tight underwear on the chest oppression, hinder the blood circulation, and may even cause disease.

Bra lingerie manufacturer chest braised thin section of the small summer no sponge 200 pounds fat mm large underwear gathered in the back milk
Shoulder straps often lead to shoulder, cervical discomfort. Wear underwear tighten the shoulder strap, the surface to enhance the breast, in fact, in the lower part of the oppression of the breast, especially with a steel underwear. Like to wear the hidden belt of the sister, or quickly threw it

Protect the breast from the beginning of the underwear, but many girls are wearing the wrong

Speaking of underwear, presumably many girls are unfamiliar, it is a must have a daily style! For our women’s breast health has a decisive role. Underwear structure is divided into shoulder strap, ribs, chicken heart, steel ring and side than. The preferred shoulder strap must choose a comfortable, otherwise the shoulder place will be particularly uncomfortable, before the basic are wearing a steel ring design, but now Xiaobian suggested that we still choose no steel bar! Because there is no steel ring, then for the protection of the total use of the breast, and wear it is also easy.

Underwear and underwear are belong to girls intimate items, in the choice must pay attention. Underwear choice to meet their own cup type, if you do not know their cup type, then choose to gather the design, so you can wear clothing business line effect, but also inclusive of the breast. While the underwear, then choose the texture of comfort, like a seamless design or cotton can be, so that you can give a very good privacy care.

No steel ring no trace bra

This bra is simple in a trace of sunshine and energetic, simple but not monotonous, delicate cut, just the color of the collision, to create a different kind of level of vision. Beautiful cup type has a good supporting role, the heart of the heart decorated with metal bow, highlighting the playful beauty, very elegant and nice. Behind the U-shaped back to the back of the United States a good sketch, to create a thin vision.

Lace thin section without steel bra

Fashion beautiful hollow three-dimensional plant pattern, to create a visual level of beauty, but also full of quaint feeling. Rope shoulder strap design, sexy with playful and age, very sexy little mood Oh! Careful consideration of the U-shaped back design, the back of the lines better modification and outline, to create a graceful posture curve. Deep V’s design stretches the neck ratio, so that the neck looks more slim and nice.

Ice silk without trace in the waist underwear

Underwear is used ice silk hollow elements, piercing the feeling of fresh and comfortable, very breathable, very easy to wear up. Crotch place is the use of 100% cotton material, so you are very comfortable to wear. In the waist of the design of the waist lines will be a good outline of the live, wearing a relaxed sense of ease.

Pure cotton Seamless briefs

People look at the special like the underwear, simple and generous, the focus is fresh and charming. High-pitched personal design, wearing comfortable and comfortable, very tolerant of the body. Cotton collision spandex, soft stretch at the same time hip, feel comfortable cotton fabric, moisture breathable, so that the internal clean and comfortable, no tension of the uncomfortable. This kind of underwear is really good to wear.

Considering lingerie manufacturer china for women, wearing is not only comfortable and easy. Underwear on the basis of stylish appearance can wear clothing sexy fashion effect, so there is no reason to give up underwear it! In fact, women’s breasts really want a good care, attention to health from the daily wear underwear began.

Chest is not suited,because you did not get good sports lingerie

Healthy life can not help the movement of nature, especially girls to strengthen the protection of the chest, girls do all kinds of sports need different strength of sports underwear to fix the chest, to avoid the movement caused by chest shaking while avoiding Have an impact on the movement. Another exercise, a lot of sweating, sports underwear played a very good sweat effect, to avoid a lot of sweating and cold.

Many girls think that sports do not need sports underwear protection, the usual underwear can, in fact, the usual underwear and can not fully protect the chest, it is easy to cause the chest tear, can not guarantee the comfort of exercise, prolonged vibration will cause Chest sagging, and sports underwear will be bound to the chest, conducive to perspiration at the same time also conducive to exercise, do not have a good body at the same time only to find the chest sagging, the impact is irreversible. How to choose their own sports underwear it?

Chest Size:
Chest little sister choose the vest of the sports underwear on it, and the bust of the more full sister suggested the selection of some high-intensity sports underwear. As far as possible to choose the size of fit, before the purchase must try, what exactly is the fit of sports underwear it? Wear on the body, to determine the chest was wrapped in all underwear, armpit no deputy milk, activities will not fall under the shoulder strap will not slide to the chest, is very fit underwear.

The United States and the back of the sports underwear, not only to help you in the movement more out of color, high-intensity pressure design, any movement can easily get, fashion at the same time more feminine temperament, arch design version, and conventional , Exudes a thick feminine, even in the movement is also no lack of fashion sense, can be described as athletic pull handsome brother correct.

No steel ring quick traces of sports underwear, high-intensity training and ultimately to join the sweat, with a sweat sweat sports underwear is very important, this sports underwear its perspiration and heat characteristics, have to say than cotton T-shirt more comfortable, it is not close to the feeling of the body, professional-level sports underwear designed to wear more comfortable, for the chest played a very good protective effect, breathable performance is also very good.
Strength enough

Not any sports underwear are suitable for high-intensity exercise, try to exercise time to see if you can support the chest, you can choose the lower and shoulder strap wider sports underwear, but be careful not too tight Tight sports underwear will cause oppression and discomfort to the chest. Some of the back of the cross underwear sports better stability, can effectively reduce the chest shaking.

And the specific needs of what strength of sports underwear need to choose according to exercise:

Highly vibrating sports such as basketball, gymnastics, running, soccer, volleyball, high impact aerobic dance is high vibration movement; walking, rowing, climbing stairs, tennis, pedal aerobics in the vibration movement; bicycles, bowling, golf, , Weight exercises are low vibration movement, corresponding to its exercise intensity to choose the right sports for your underwear.

Bra bite style

Seamless sports underwear is very comfortable, and stability is better, hit the color design is very trendy by women love, even if the wear is also a very good fashion single product, give you the comfort of sports, than the incense underwear But also comfortable, high-quality selection of fabrics, sports give you a cool feeling, I version of the design is more suitable for high-intensity sports.

Many people think that only ordinary underwear need to prevent deformation and other issues, and in fact sports underwear also need to pay attention to this problem, sports underwear in the same cleaning should pay attention to water temperature, and should not be so long soak, the best choice hand wash, Into the washing machine may cause deformation of the underwear, rinse after the dry underwear will dry up, please do not wring the underwear, you can choose to use a towel and other means to dry the excess water, dry underwear hem Take the inverted hanging, you can better protect it from deformation.

Fitness vest

If you think that wearing a single wear underwear some exposed, or even embarrassed girl may wish to choose a cross-dried vest, this sport vest allows you to dry in the same time can walk in the forefront of fashion, behind the English letter design more trendy, exposed Mei Mei’s back, quick-drying fabric is not easy to catch cold, so take a quick-drying vest is a good choice, both healthy and stylish.

Sports underwear on the girls are very important fitness partners, and strive to fitness at the same time do not forget to take care of your sports underwear, in short, the United States at the same time, equipment is also very important.

Good chest from the good bra, these lingerie details you know?

Women beautiful youth, from the inside out of the United States, will make your life everywhere is very smooth, is the real beauty. In this era of looking at the face, if you do not have a beautiful face, it must have a proud figure, proud body can not leave a good underwear to help us shape. Choose underwear bra is very important, good bra can help us shape a good body, anti-aging to enhance personal temperament and charm, we should treat their own face as care of their own breasts.

Bra can not be large and can not be small, and some women choose lingerie like loose point, in fact, so bad breasts, easy to sag not gather, affecting personal charm. Women in different periods of the chest is a change, each time to buy underwear bra should be measured before their own size, so buy the underwear was fit, wearing not aliasing. In fact, according to the characteristics of women’s chest can be divided into these categories, in this to share with you.

Chest and big meat and more soft sister, choose the bra to choose the cup is better, so that can effectively gather the chest, to prevent sagging and outward rotation, bra buttons behind the selection of more than three rows of this can effectively back the meat and axillary Under the meat gathered.

Full cups thin section bra
Chest is not small sister, choose the chest should be preferred three quarters of the cup underwear, so the effect of the bra is particularly good, can easily shape the deep ditch breasts, to help you create a perfect woman image. A woman has tall and straight chest, temperament will be different, but also increase self-confidence.

No steel ring gather bra set
Chest little sister, bra can choose to have a pad, so that the whole chest looks straightforward charming, more temperament. Sometimes we have to prepare a half cup bra, wearing a shoulder bag when you have to wear a strap without underwear, half bra cup general can be demolished.


A-E cup of girls, early autumn lingerie how to wear?

Underwear can be said that girls are the most intimate little partner. But now most of the sister, whether it is flat chest or plump, facing the expansion, sagging, different sizes, chest down, deputy milk and other issues are due to your wrong underwear caused. So, different girls how to choose the bra?

Thoracic is flat type, that is, cup slightly smaller sister, we should try to choose 1/2 cup, because this underwear rounded cup face comfortable skin effect is good, so you can gather chest adjustable breast type.

And some chest upright, such as B, C cup sister, we must choose 3/4 cup or three-dimensional cup bra to enhance the character, enhance the chest line. Three-fourths of the cup underwear can be a full range of wrapped the entire chest, with the convergence of the chest and the role of deputy milk. While the three-dimensional cup will make your deep V filled with style and temptation, sexy and comfortable.

As for those on the Wai proud of the sister, we must choose the whole cup without steel bra to protect themselves, no steel ring design will not bring a sense of tight chest, make the chest more upright, the maximum show their own nice.
Xiaobian below for everyone to select several different glasses for girls wearing glasses underwear, you will love.

The United States back lace gather bra
Lace embroidery comfortable thin cup, just right wrapped in the chest, no steel ring design to wear more comfortable! 3/4 cup effectively gather the chest, sexy deep V show, more upright and charming!

Sexy lace half cup gather bra
The same color pattern lace in the cup surface meandering growth, soft feel people can not help but obsessed with one of the 2 cup cup gently put the chest, piercing the natural body lines, no steel ring to join, do not squeeze the chest, comfortable Gather the chest.

Lace no steel ring breathable bra
Europe and the United States wind 1/2 cup design is more suitable for small chest gather. Exquisite lace cup face both sexy and stylish. No steel ring is more soft and close. On the thin and thick to create a good support.

Seamless Brushed Adjustable Bra
Seamless steel ring design is just right fit the skin. Perfect gathers to better shape the beautiful breasts. Texture drawing more breathable, more soft. A piece of molding like no wear comfortable, very sexy and charming!

One piece gather bra
Three-dimensional steel-free design to bring it comfortable texture and excellent flexibility, the “second skin” interpretation of the most vividly. Close body sensation and visual impact are unparalleled. One piece of incognito design has a natural softness.

Anti-drooping gather deep V bra
The new print lace lingerie manufacturer design gives a very tempting impact on the visual. Net yarn fabric is more soft and breathable. U-type than after the body more comfortable. Sexy charming deep V carved out the charm of a woman!

Lingerie for a few months? Is your frequency right?

We started in the teens when we wear bra, bra for our chest can play a very good protective effect, but if the bra is not replaced if the time will be counterproductive, then the bra should be how long?

How long do you wear it?
Girls are best to avoid wearing 24 hours a day underwear, because wearing underwear for too long will make the chest breathless, so that the blood circulation around the chest is not smooth, thus affecting the health of the chest. And if the underwear is too small, or too tight, then the greater the damage to the body, so do not wear more than 12 hours a day underwear.

2. How often for a change
Under normal circumstances, the comparison recommended 3-6 months for a lingerie, but because the quality of underwear is not the same, so for different underwear, the replacement frequency is not the same. We can choose according to the following criteria.

If you find that your cup has been a significant deformation, then it is necessary to replace the underwear. When the upper body when the chest and cups found between the gap, cups in the stack, if there is uneven situation, it is necessary to replace.

Shoulder strap
Shoulder strap if there has been a decline in the phenomenon, it can not care in the chest, if this situation is not replaced, it will make the chest sagging, can not play the effect of gathering.

Pilling the ball
If the underwear inside the pilling situation, indicating that the time has been too long, the underwear will wash is not clean, do not change the chest will affect the health.

No matter how lingerie manufacturer good underwear, if a long time, there will be pilling, or is not in the portable type, when we move will be channeling. Steel care will be deformed, can not be very good to hold the chest, so if you continue to wear, it will affect the chest type of fixed, so that the chest deformation. So our underwear must be replaced in time Oh!

Do not tell you that your body is not good, throw away your old lingerie!

Whether you are feminine, innocent, simple or charming, unrestrained, sexy are inseparable from the care of the underwear. Underwear on modern women, not only has to adjust the chest so simple function, or a person’s life taste and emotional appeal symbol. Now the market underwear brand a lot, there are chest care function, there are beautiful, there are drug treatment. As a woman should be able to choose a good fit for their own underwear, wear out their own unique beauty and personality grade. According to the different clothing and use, women can choose according to their own preferences the following underwear

1. Front opening type.
The back of the underwear in the front of the central, so it is easy to wear, because there is no buttons behind, so the back of the curve becomes more beautiful, the most suitable for transparent material clothes, and easy to reveal underwear clothes. This type of underwear also has a relatively narrow type of nipple spacing, so with the body shape to choose. In addition, in the cup part, choose a better material, you can tightly wrapped the breast, not free to shake
The same time as
2. girls underwear.
This underwear and mature woman’s underwear compared to the higher position in the armpit and anterior axillary part of the relatively small. Due to taking into account the girl’s development is not yet complete, so the design focuses on the sense of comfort and weight considerations
The same time as
3. pregnant women underwear.
In order to facilitate the breast, cups before the use of the way before the deduction, can be used during pregnancy, production and lactation, suitable for a variety of different changes.

Summer hot, but also let the chest feel the natural breathing, skin-friendly breathable fabric, so you can easily feel in the summer cool and comfortable. Flanking part of the body with the cartilage, Shoufang side of the breasts to create a female body curve, U-shaped back design, wrapped back fat, to achieve the effect of the body, more unobtrusive butterfly embellishment, Smart and lively, sweet and lovely, the release of extraordinary The charm of embroidery lace, more women show looming hazy beauty.

ELLE underwear small chest gather without steel bra set sexy lace beauty backpack underwear brassiere bra
Elegant and elegant black lace yarn side, outline the charming Breast, delicate and sexy sultry. Close to the full cup style, with a good gathering effect, at any time to show the charming posture. Three-quarter cup, comfortable wrapped chest, gentle support dairy, gather bimodal, sexy sultry, cute butterfly embellishment, cute cute, preferred fabric, skin-friendly breath, highlight the elegant feminine while enjoying breathable comfort.

Anna honey sexy lace girl underwear suit small chest thickening gather side of the collection of bra bra
Black and white with the achievements of the classic mix, the mysterious black and pure white stitch made of delicate lace pattern with thin through the net yarn fabric, revealing the slightest little woman feelings. On the thin under the thick cup design, with a good gathering effect, small chest girls will wear very sexy, high-quality fabrics, comfortable breathable, skin-friendly is also very good.

No matter what the size of the chest, lingerie should choose the right piece

Often in a variety of social software to see many girls initiated the “flat chest is a kind of experience”, which is a self-esteem self-deprecating, or even a sad. After all, in the moment, there are still a lot of people will be the size of the chest and sexy or not linked.
Many women are often too large chest feel low self-esteem, because they do not want to be someone else’s strange eyes, prefer to choose the chest hump, also dare not bow head calmly show people.

But really, sexy should be a kind of self-sent from the inside out of self-confidence temperament, not just about the simple sensuality. Chest small also belong to my unique self-confidence charm; chest big but disdain selling themselves, I have my dignity and pride.
No ditch why hard squeeze, chest and no need to hide. God gave you this body, you should love it respect it, the truth is also a beautiful. Choose a suitable for their own underwear, the same can make themselves full of confidence.

This is a suitable for large breast sister underwear, ultra-thin full cup design, you can make the fullness of the chest will not look great, lace and mesh stitching, vaguely perspective, revealing a trace of sexy. Cup face with large flower lace, gloss is very soft, while thin and transparent, shoulder strap detail design is also in place, jacquard flower bud shoulder strap design, giving a delicate and romantic feeling, black sexy, pink girl.

This is a very luxurious underwear, professional gathering effect is very suitable for small chest sister. Dimensional mold cup, to strengthen the stereotypes, so that the chest to move forward, to enhance the chest line, increase the effect of fullness and high. Exquisite lace in the cup face, showing a mesh effect, romantic and breathable to wear a good shape and comfort.

Body of this kind of thing is largely determined by the innate, big chest has sexy beauty, small chest also has handsome Feel. The key is that we have to love ourselves, first of all have to choose from the United States and the United States began to underwear!


Every day to wear lingerie, cleaning four errors you step on it!

If there is something like a girl with a lifetime, then it must be lingerie. Lingerie for boys may be just underwear, but for girls who have reached the height of the partner. A good underwear can give girls unimaginable protection, said girls to the age of 25 can wear some naive underwear, but after the age of 25 must wear high quality underwear, complete sets of underwear.

It is because the underwear in our extraordinary significance, we need better cleaning care it. And most of the girls in the election when the underwear is very serious, but to wash the underwear when the whole mess. There are several ways to clean the wrong way, look at the following list of ways you have no use of the method.

1. Underwear and underwear into the washing machine

Many girls are always lazy without hand wash underwear, all the clothes directly into the washing machine. This is not only the most harm the shape of underwear, but also the most unsanitary. First of all, the degree of bacterial growth inside the washing machine is something we can not imagine. Washing machine washing too much clothing, if not often clean up certainly is very dirty. And underwear have our own personal clothing, wash directly on the washing machine can only wash more dirty. And the general belt underwear in the washing machine toss a few times, the shape becomes very poor.

2. Water sterilization

Many girls think that with high temperature water can be cleaned to kill the bacteria on the underwear. This point of view is precisely the right way to clean the underwear. We bought the underwear generally marked above the best water temperature should be room temperature water, not hot nor ice. And high temperature cleaning underwear will damage the underwear material in the fiber composition, shorten underwear life.

3. Wash the liquid or detergent in direct contact

Wash the clothes when the most taboo is directly to the laundry liquid squeezed on the underwear. The concentration of laundry detergent or detergent that has not been diluted by water is too high to be in direct contact with the clothes. Not only for washing underwear so, wash the other clothes should also be diluted inside the water.

4. Excessive cleaning

Excessive cleaning means too much laundry detergent or detergent. Slightly thicker underwear is rich in sponges, in the manufacture of foam on the ability of super, so use too much laundry detergent will produce a lot of foam. Just flush several times is difficult to completely clean the foam, the residual foam on the skin more damage. So, do not wash too much do not wash clean.

No steel full cup underwear
No steel ring full cup heart is very popular models. So that you are not in order to have a mark, wearing uncomfortable, this underwear not only wearing sexy and charming, and very comfortable, gathered chest type, will not let your chest sagging. This underwear is designed for chest big friends who are comfortable, but also can create the perfect chest type.

Adjustable bra
Adjustable bra is a soft cotton cup full cup, comfortable gather, full cup tolerance, suitable for fullness of the MM; high ear design to increase the high ear, the effective addition of milk; U-shaped back, reduce the pressure on the shoulder, Fat, landscaping lines, show the perfect body, make you sexy and charming.

Received double breasted underwear
Close the breasts three buckle underwear using honeycomb pattern lace, let you feel the home of the quiet and comfortable at the same time, did not forget to reveal the female home when the small sexy, small fresh pure natural color, let you return to me. Shoulder strap and the lower circumference with a widening design, effective sharing shoulder weight, to prevent the chest sagging.

This kind of lingerie you wear every day, no wonder the chest also sagging

Girls should lingerie manufacture rknow that lingerie is a woman in our lives can never be separated from a product, it can not only protect our chest, but also help us to create a more perfect stature! But you know, some have faded, deformation and even fabric aging underwear, do not wear it!

First, the supporting role of weak

We should all know that we wear lingerie is a major reason to prevent our chest sagging, if you choose to support the role of very weak bra, then, and that is not what is the difference between wearing underwear?

Lingerie underwear adjustment type
Chest petite is innate, but can use functional underwear to make up. This section of the bra with a super-gathering effect, combined with widening the side can effectively lock the fat on both sides, pushing back the cup, to create a rounded full of charming chest, tight clothes can easily control.

Second, substandard size

When we wear a different size underwear, what is the feeling of you, there is no sense of underwear under the tight as if they are not breathing smooth? At this time, we should consider to buy a large base of the bottom of the underwear Oh!

A piece of steel-free high-thick section
This underwear fixed performance, stability, coating are very good, according to their own shape to adjust the more comfortable size. No steel ring zero bound, no oppression, return to natural comfort, favorable blood circulation, strong pull does not decline, comfortable without any marks.

Third, the shoulder strap down

When we walk in public places, the shoulder straps do not fall on the embarrassment of everyone should have experienced it, and sometimes we may use a fixed shoulder strap gadget, but it can not be a good solution to the problem. In fact, the shoulder strap is not suitable for a down jacket performance, this time we should consider the replacement of new underwear Oh!

Summer bra bra bra
Suitable underwear can adjust the body, can improve the body curve, increase the three-dimensional beauty. This section bra comfortable no steel ring, care chest health, bring unrestrained wearing experience. Gather strong, can effectively chest height, and upgrade the cup function.

Four, not stealth

When we wear some of the clothes, the obvious signs of underwear can not help but let us some embarrassment, so this underwear or autumn and winter wear more thick when the most appropriate, spring and summer season or choose stealth underwear as well.

Five, steel ring uncomfortable

Used to wear steel lingerie girls should pay attention to, and a lot of low-quality underwear steel ring will cause great harm to the body, so we feel uncomfortable when the steel ring, do not just think about the temporary adjustment, but must Decisively abandon it!

Six, cup is too small

Want to pursue the chest will be exposed to the effect of dew? Then do not choose cups too small underwear forced to squeeze out the breast, it is easy to lead to changes in the chest type! Therefore, wear their own cup underwear is the most perfect.

Seven, the end of the road longer

I believe there are many girls prefer to lengthen the bottom of the style of underwear, but when we buckle the underwear on the outermost row of buckle will feel the chest pressure on the steel ring, then we still for a new underwear