Sagging too horrible, lazy breasts the fastest way

Female health more and more attention, a delicate woman, her stature must be tall and straight, in the puberty, improper underwear wear or diet will lead to chest development is not good, chest type is not ideal, chest sagging troubles A lot of women, the day after tomorrow’s massage can also be a good improvement in the chest, but the massage should also be very particular about the MM can refer to the massage tutorial for acupuncture massage, massage time is not the longer the better, the best can be controlled in about 10 minutes , But there are a lot of MM after work without energy massage, and find their own points are not entirely accurate, technology can always bring us life changes, in addition to massage, the adjustment of the underwear can also help us better Adjust the breast type, to prevent sagging.

Breast instrument chest massage breast massage breast hyperplasia breast massage equipment

Massage can be heated, can be regularly, can effectively stimulate the secretion of estrogen and progesterone, wake up breast growth, increase the thin breasts, promote puberty breast development, recovery caused by breast-feeding breast sagging, deformation. Many female friends have used feedback to really increase the chest some, but also the physical breast, do not rely on drugs, to overcome the breast essential oils, breast cream to bring the side effects of sisters troubled! Use green security. Breast, breast enhancement, for chest flat, loose, sagging, outside the expansion. Hyperplasia, pain and other women, constant temperature hot, physical therapy dredge, three kinds of temperature to make your breast comfortable and natural, promote blood circulation and clear the proliferation of agglomeration, effectively clear the breast, eliminate breast hyperplasia, the effect is amazing.

New Seamless Lingerie One piece of sexy small chest gathered to receive breasts bra bra

In addition to massage, the adjustment of breast-type underwear can also protect the breast health, enhance the chest lines, a thin thin 3/4 three-dimensional mold cup, cup rounded, soft touch delicate, comfortable and natural, stable concentration of the effect of gathering , So that the chest petite girls can wear a self-confidence, anti-skid shoulder strap, removable, widened non-slip design, delicate and texture, effectively prevent the chest deformation, vice breast, breast expansion, breast disease and other issues.

Spring and summer new comfortable and breathable underwear adjustment bra brace close Ms. milk bra

Comfortable lingerie manufacturer and breathable to adjust the type of sub-confectionery underwear, three-dimensional film, to strengthen the stereotypes, so that the chest forward to move forward, enhance the chest line, increase the effect of fullness, fine lace in the cup to do mesh effect romantic and breathable Wearing a plastic effect and comfort better, comfortable reception, superb workmanship, elastic comfort, revealing the female capable atmosphere, comfortable, breathable, massage, non-sponge underwear, choose a suitable for their own underwear, can effectively prevent Outside the expansion of milk phenomenon.

Women wear lingerie often encountered little embarrassment, you must have had

Spring and Autumn, when many people will wear strapless or a collar of the clothes, revealing slender sexy clavicle, really beautiful, but this time the shoulder strap is always obedient to run out, there are two solutions to this problem.

1, wearing a black bra
Black bra straps exposed also do not have some flavor, is not much better than the flesh of the good? Also, the girls do not use the kind of transparent shoulder strap, it looks really cheap, and then nice clothes with a transparent shoulder strap will make you instant temperament no.

2, wearing a small shoulder strap without a small chest
No shoulder strap Tube, save the shoulder strap, naturally there will be no shoulder strap exposed trouble. But must choose the effect of good Bra, can effectively hold the kind of chest, or when the chest loosely hanging down, it is a kind of embarrassing

Non-slip without straps invisible bra
If you think the above is too monotonous, want a little refined, then you will like this below. From front to back are flowers pattern lace stacked, magnificent. Bra body into the steel ring, so the height and roundness can be satisfactory, the front of the elastic lace with lined, to prevent deep valley light.

3, the use of milk paste
Many stars go to the red carpet or attend a large event, wearing a gorgeous evening dress, to show you the most beautiful side, or Europe and the United States to wear those very bold deep V-neck clothing, are inseparable from the chest paste this little thing.

This is an inflatable bra from Taiwan, it is suitable for daily, to meet your full and full of comfort and the pursuit of double, and it also sent you a pair of pants, you can attend the party when wearing a small dress to wear, daily with a small Dress, strapless shirt what this inflatable bra better.

Second, underwear shoulder straps fall
I have had this experience, walking along the shoulder strap to fall off, the reason may be your shoulder strap is not adjusted to the appropriate length, of course, the biggest possibility is that this underwear should be laid off.
The solution to this problem is as follows:

1, a small pin
This is a very practical way, not only to solve the problem of falling shoulder strap love, when you wear sportswear can also be used. The first second is a sloppy man, after a second into a perfect goddess, is so simple

2, for their own to buy a new bra
Wear a long time there is a ring of bra will feel bad chest, I believe that I am not so a person think so, it is time to give yourself a no steel bra. This is a seamless one-piece bra, removable shoulder strap, comfortable thin under the thick cup, soft and comfortable, simple deep V chicken heart, full distribution of women’s elegant charm.

Third, the coat revealed the bride color, outline
Summer, many clothes are relatively thin material, the color is relatively shallow, so many times the clothes will reveal the color of the bra, or underwear outline. To solve this problem is too easy to do, try to choose light-colored bra, no sponge pad bra. Or when you wear dark bra, do not wear tight clothes, try to choose a loose, dark color coat.

Mushroom cool your lingerie brought out, still worry about it?

Many sister is particularly lazy, wearing a bra to sleep at night, in fact, wearing a bra to sleep at night to their sister’s body damage is particularly large, in the evening when the body to relax, wearing a bra will make the chest can not completely relax.

So that the chest has a sense of oppression, over time on the body of the bad will be obvious, then introduce several bra, some bra sleep can wear, even if not off and no relationship, get rid of the restraint of the body. Morning chest up will be better, for their own health is really to be carefully considered.

Sexy embroidery bra with a cup full of large size vest bra underwear
The use of comfortable smooth fabric soft skin-friendly and very breathable, clear and convenient, not easy to hide dirty things, so you rest assured that clean and beautiful life; lovely lace design beautiful and generous sexy, embellished at the same time the perfect fit skin , So you have a sexy curve of the United States.

3/4 ultra-thin sexy comfortable lace side gather the bra
High-quality fabrics are soft and comfortable and very breathable, feel good, so you always enjoy high quality of life; sexy plant flowers lace hook design beautiful, beautiful and atmosphere, highlighting the unique temperament of women; You are easy without stress, comfortable life to master in your hands.

No steel bra bra brace small chest gather lace the United States back sexy thin section of the girl without trace underwear suit
The use of seamless steel-free design process, wear more comfortable and breathable, sexy gathering design, very healthy, with elegant drawing fabric, bring you a soft experience, so that the chest is more proudly stand. With high-quality sponge design, breathable without pressure, soft and healthy.

Summer new trace without steel bra bust breathable drawing to adjust the type of underwear
Quietly gather and adjust, everything is for your health. Seamless hand care design, do not walk, get rid of your awkward shift of the bra. Non-slip under the lying, solid floating ring, corrugated cup face design unique sexy. All-round show women soft, delicate lace flower shoulder strap, like butterflies as delicate.

A piece of no trace of steel ring bra sexy gather small bra brush girls underwear
Using non-sponge design, and sewing no steel ring, the lighter texture no mark. Sexy strap design, filling the light and beautiful beauty, cohesion bright time. Dense breathable holes, strong permeability. Exquisite workmanship, anti-skid shoulder strap design, you deserve it.

Why is the underwear belt always easy to deform?

Many women have such a question, why every time just bought back underwear not long, lingerie belt began to deformation! What is the relationship with that?

The methods of storage and washing are:
1. Underwear is close to the body of clothing, first of all to pay attention to clean. Dirt not only means not clean, but also affect the fabric ventilation, moisture absorption and softness, and thus damage to the fabric.

2. In the purchase, if you like to buy a little more underwear, alternating use, the life of each underwear can be longer. High-level or high-priced products are sometimes beautiful and not durable, careful care can maintain its advantages.

3. Underwear materials are mostly thin and thin, wear and take off when not too hard, but also pay attention to nails can not hook fiber. Wear off the underwear also pay attention not to foundation, lipstick dip in the underwear on top.

4. long time to save the collection of underwear, you can put them a piece of carefully stacked, or cups and cups fold each other, as long as you do not destroy the original chest can be. Lining the thickness of the above, in order to bend down to prevent the thick lining of the underwear due to pressure and deformation, thin lining of the underwear is no deformation concerns.

Do not buy lingerie? You want to know what size the bust is!

Women on the choice of underwear is always a talk about the topic, and some women like thin, and some like to gather, and some do not know how to choose their own, because the so-called A, B, C simply do not understand ah Underwear selection is wrong, even the size of the wrong, then come in summer, wearing a thin clothes in the summer, other crush are beginning to show the body, and you will not choose their own size underwear, is not very panic?

How to choose underwear, first look at the chest and cup of measurement methods:

1, the first clothes off, easier to stand, feet close together, the body tilted forward 45 degrees.

2, the size of the ruler horizontally in the chest (prominent point), by the loose slowly tightened. The amount of time to use the hands of the breast gently hold up, as if wearing underwear. At this time you can easily measure your actual chest, and chest (breast at the bottom of the lines presented) can also be easily measured. P.S careful not to squeeze the nipple, the measurement action to be gentle.

And here are two sizes, bust size and bust size, we must not confuse.

Talk about the bust size and the size of the lower bust measurement method: Bust size (usually said “on the chest”): to the two nipple point measurement points, with a soft leather ruler to measure the chest fullness of the week, that is, bust size. Bust size: the bottom of the chest with a soft leather measure the level of the next week, that is, under the chest size, under the chest size conversion (1 inch = 2.54 cm). So how is the cup? The next figure offer!

Then lingerie manufacturer know their own bust, you can choose according to their size for their own underwear.

Why your underwear running up? Most people have experienced

I believe that most women have experienced running underwear to run up, then in the end is how is it?

1, shoulder strap too tight or poor elasticity or shoulder strap length is not enough
The main role of the shoulder strap is to pull the breast, fixed chest fat, so that the body in the activities of the breast from vibration. If the shoulder is too tight is bound to pull up the underwear.

Spring and summer thin section of the big cup cup bra beautician lace gather large size female underwear

High-quality smooth texture of the soft texture of the skin and smooth and neat, silky touch so that you always feel like a milk-like comfort; exquisite lace embellishment at the same time close to the skin, beautiful atmosphere and not so that you Always show women temptation; unique gathering design for you to create a perfect career line, filling the charming tenderness.

2, the next size is not suitable (too loose)
If the next Wai is too large, only a little move to the shoulder arm underwear will run up. The emergence of this situation is either underwear for a long time under the loss of elasticity, or underwear underneath the size does not meet the wearer’s Wai Wai.

Comfortable and easy to gather bra sexy lace skin care breathable bra bra cup bra

Plant flowers lace pattern beautiful and generous to develop women gentle temperament, the quality of the details see, so you always enjoy high quality of life; simple three rows of three buckle design strong and durable, tight size any of your adjustment, so you easily get rid of the trip Embarrassing; steel ring design perfect chest, so you always have proud of the body.

3, cup too small or too thick
As the cup is too small, you can not accommodate their own chest, and underwear too thick, can not really play the role of parcels, when we are slightly active, the underwear will appear deviation phenomenon.
This time you need to re-understand their own chest size, choose the right underwear.

Sexy smooth adjustment underwear no steel ring gather bra comfortable no trace of the reception of women’s bra bra

Comfortable smooth material soft skin-friendly and not easy to have a crease, long life; ingenuity of a one-piece design so that the overall more coherent type, no steel ring so you always enjoy the relaxed life, beautiful and comfortable atmosphere; simple Solid color with elegant and charming, so you always show women’s elegant charm.

Weight loss does not reduce the chest, chest tall and straight called the United States

Summer, the girls began to busy fitness to lose weight, but weight loss will be reduced, this is like a pot of cold water to lose weight of the girls pour a cool, how to lose weight and not chest it, which became the number of girls Their lifelong goals.

In fact, regardless of chest big chest, chest is the most beautiful tall and straight, tall and straight chest is the best proof of the young, chest fitness will be exposed to your age, and even if your chest is small, but the chest upright in the visual Will feel a big chest, so fitness to maintain a good body at the same time can not ignore the Breast.

1. Yoga plastic breast type

Yoga breast is a safest way without any side effects, and it is particularly good for the whole body plastic, long-term yoga exercise can be tightened chest to prevent sagging, you can also shape fitness Oh ~ let you flare up to perfect Body, yoga more effective breasts posture mountain, snake, arm and so on.

2. Rally to raise the chest

Through the rally can help you pull your chest, and the provisions of the breast shape, so that your chest to keep full. First legs sitting cross-legged, hands with yoga with a balance on the chest, holding the yoga with the shoulder to maintain the same width of the distance, stretching hard to do chest position, yoga with the chest slowly relaxed in situ.

3. Dumbbells are tall and straight chest

Dumbbells can effectively exercise the chest muscles as this will breast, do breath action, knees close together bent, lying on the ground holding the dumbbell arms open and shoulder was a straight line to stretch the chest muscles, arms bent naturally so that the palm up, And then put the arm on the chest merger, the exercise every day to do 15 to 20 times.

4. Body clip character lines

We can use a small body clip to modify the body lines, holding the body clip on the arm like a bird to wings like the same feeling, do not have to calculate how many days a day, you can do in your spare time, but must To adhere.

5. Barbell training chest muscle

Barbell movement can not only exercise the chest muscles and can also exercise to the arm, use a lot, flat bedroom usually used to exercise posture, not only to exercise to the chest arm muscles can exercise to the back muscles, so that the back upright, chest naturally The

6. Essential oil massage to promote chest development

In addition to exercise can breast, the regular massage of the breast can strengthen the pituitary hormone secretion and also promote local blood circulation, can make breast tissue development better. Horizontal and vertical massage the breast of the 10 to 20 times, the essential oil rub in the entire breast above, hands alternating with each other, from around to the nipple to touch a minute.

Do not light blind weight-loss and ignore the chest problems, chest tall and straight is a woman’s beauty, want to chest upright, not a moment, have long to adhere to see the effect, to join the thin body is not thin chest it.

Lingerie wear the wrong deformation of the chest! See if you wear lingerie

Do you wear it like this?

The above method is to first lingerie in the chest buckle, then the underwear to the back, and put on the shoulder strap.
Or so wear?

The second method is to wear the underwear from the front, and then fasten the hook after the hook, buckle the body before the forward, and the chest allocated to the bra.


In fact, this is the right thing to wear

The left side of the method is actually correct Oh, if the first underwear in the chest buckle, after wearing and then turn to the rear, in the process of turning, it is easy to let underwear deformation, but also friction to the skin, over time, the skin may Will therefore break the skin. And the first underwear from the front cover, not only will not rub to the skin, but also better to the chest allocated to the bra.

In addition to these also pay attention
In addition to the right way to wear underwear, you should also pay attention to underwear material, size and shoulder strap position. Some people will feel like the size of almost like, in fact, only the difference is also a lot worse, if long wear with their cups underwear, the chest will be easy to deformation, resulting in external expansion or sagging situation.

If you are prone to skin allergies or rash, but also pay attention to the selection of materials, like the summer can choose more breathable cool underwear, or are stuffy inside, not only produce odor, it is easy to red itchy. In addition, the shoulder strap position should be adjusted according to their own shape, too tight or too loose is not good, you can put on, a little activity about the upper body to see if it will not shift, if also obediently Stay in place, that you adjust the location is correct Oh!

If you have trouble, you can also choose no shoulder strap underwear, with a variety of clothes, but also very beautiful

Underwear is really very important way to wear, lingerie manufacturer do not pay attention to the chest will be deformed, but also take a long time to correct back, it is better to look at their own way from now on, but also tell your friends, right underwear The way.

Girl wearing a few years old good? There are ways to protect the breast!

A friend said he did not know in the end when it was suitable for wearing bra, so often ask girls to wear underwear for several years? How do girls care breasts?

General girls grow to 16 to 18 years old, the development of the chest and breasts is close to mature, or with a soft foot from the bottom of the breast through the nipple to the bottom of the breast measurement, up and down more than 16cm when you should wear bra. If the age is less than 16 years old and breast up and down less than 16cm, you should not wear bra. Because prematurely wearing a bra is not only in the development of bulging breasts are unfavorable, but also affect the future secretion of milk.

If the breast is fully developed without wearing bra, but also on breast development. Because the body of the breast need special protection, timely wear bra is an ideal and simple way. Wear bra to protect the breast, support and set off the breast, so that the blood circulation is smooth, contribute to the development of the breast; can reduce walking, exercise and labor when the breast swing, to prevent breast relaxation sag; can promote the accumulation of fat in the breast Breasts are more plentiful, but also make up for breasts too small physiological defects.

2, pay attention to maintain the correct sitting, standing, line posture. Girls in their daily lives to pay attention to: walking to the rise of the chest, abdomen tight buttocks; sitting too chest to do, do not have chest hump; sleep to take the supine or side, do not prone

3, more for the breast of the local massage. Massage can make breasts full. Method is every morning and before going to sleep, with his hands to massage the breast 10 minutes, from the breast around the nipple, and finally pull the nipple 5 times. This is because the massage can enhance blood circulation, allowing the nervous system to strengthen the activities of the ovaries will secrete a large number of estrogen and progesterone, promote breast development. Massage at the same time, the appropriate increase in nutrition can enhance the effect of massage

4, to strengthen the exercise, good chest fitness. Mainly to strengthen the chest of muscle exercise, such as appropriate to do more chest movement or push-ups, chest exercises and so on. Chest gymnastics can promote breast development under the breast, while the breast is the basis of breast support, for the smaller breasts, breast enlargement can make breast protrusion.

5, select the appropriate bra. Wear a suitable bra can make the breast support, to ensure that the blood circulation, to prevent the movement of breast shocks, but also anti-outside, cold and warm role. When do you start wearing a bra? As the breast development of individual differences are very large, not to delineate the age, according to breast development, generally believed that the basic shape of the breast began to wear appropriate, it was also suggested that the use of soft leather ruler from the bottom of the breast through the nipple to the bottom of the breast Distance, length greater than 16 cm, you can wear bra

What is the number of lingerie buckles?

Wearing so long underwear, do not know the baby have not found a small detail, underwear buttons on the back there are two of the three, and even the front buckle underwear, which is why? What is the number of underwear buckles?

Some women will even think it is not the more the better buckle, the answer is certainly not friends, three rows or four rows of breasts will be relatively wide, you can play the role of gathering, the more ways to talk about the more The better the effect of gathering or even more tight, so that this is to choose according to demand.

In general, the two rows of more common we also prefer to choose two buckle underwear, in fact, this is also a reason with their own bust Oh, the baby is relatively small baby can choose double breasted underwear, no Empty cup will not feel the feeling of tightening.

Big bust is necessary to choose three-row buckle design, but the three-row buckle up may only hang two hooks, so the baby must wear attention when wearing Oh, if less a button may be very loose, the chest Or a little bit of influence, the three-row buckle of the fixed than the two-row buckle better, three-row buckle plus steel ring can prevent the phenomenon of sagging chest.

Four rows and above the basic belong to the adjustment of the underwear, more suitable for the usual time to wear, a good protection of the chest can also be a wild clothing, you can continue to maintain a beautiful body.

In short if you are A or B wearing two buckle underwear on it, C will wear three rows of buckle and D or E may choose to choose four-row buckle, according to this situation can be selected, chest type increase row Buckle increase, like F, G, then we must choose five rows of buckle, but the baby who is also limited can not always increase.