6 kinds of breasts corresponding to different underwear, you wear it?

Today we come to talk about a variety of breasts should wear what kind of underwear this topic. Patted tan90 ° chest assurance, the baby will certainly benefit from seeing

First, round.
If the baby has a more rounded breasts, then it is suitable for wearing underwear without steel ring, and the summer is hot, the more thin the more comfortable Oh. Do not have to worry about the chest will not sag problems, because the circular breast development comparison “quite”, do not need to use external force, that is, “chest” type of underwear to support the

The second type of thing.
Some baby chest is relatively small, but on the basis of a little larger than the tan90 °, there are external expansion of the situation, then this situation belongs to the expansion of the. There is another situation is that the nipple is outward, and cleavage is not so gather, so that the breast is more suitable for T-shirt type underwear, and can create a perfect outline, you can also gather the breast, but also Can have ditch Oh

Third, side set type.
This chest type is more plentiful than the east, but also an external expansion of the phenomenon, but too much fat, making the external expansion is more obvious, therefore, side set type of need to wear into the type of underwear, breasts can be gathered to the middle, But also to create a more sexy chest Oh And need to pay attention to is that if you wear such underwear and milk from the phenomenon of overflow in the underwear, you need to buy a large number of underwear

Fourth, slender type.
Slender type refers to the bottom of the breast than its top, and the length of the breast is also larger than the width, so the chest type suitable for wearing underwear into the type, and can add a little care machine Oh ~ is in the underwear plus a little chest Pad, or comfortable breathable thick underwear

Fifth, asymmetric.
Said the world is difficult to find two pieces of the same leaves, in fact, people are the same, so the baby’s chest will have asymmetric phenomenon, but the degree of deviation is not the same. If one side than the other side of the location of a little more, then Xiaobian suggested in the empty position with chest pad, will be more comfortable.

Sixth, tears type.
This kind of chest like tears, the bottom is more full, and the top is more slender, known as the type of tears. And this chest is more sensual, suitable for all kinds of underwear, whether it is into the type, gather type, or to a difficult shoulder strap, I can control the Oh

Romantic lace underwear

This underwear has a mysterious black, quiet blue and romantic bean sand color three styles, thin layer, no sponge thickness, no steel ring bound in the summer is very comfortable and cool. Above the embellishment of the hollow lace, decorate the baby hearts of the girls heart

Retro French bra package

This set of upper body is fine lace bra, half a cup of design, showing a charming curvature, more to enhance their own content. Lower body supporting underwear, comfortable and breathable, both sides have lace to do embellishment, but also add a trace of girls heart. The overall dark green tones, very retro means.

Only lingerie, most lingerie the hearts of women

Say that women are heart of the sea needle, how are puzzled, but no matter how pondering the woman, a lingerie easy to get. Just like the love of clothes bags, women have a sense of love for underwear born, after all, make yourself become beautiful things, who can not like it.

Although the underwear is worn inside, but for women, nothing is free. Especially in the summer this, wearing a very cool season, what kind of clothes to wear what style underwear, is also very elegant.

If it is a dark color, but also how to expose the shoulder clothes, that as long as the underwear wearing comfortable, beautiful shape of the beautiful, there is no requirement.

But lingerie manufacturer if it is some harnesses, or a word shoulder and the like, need strapless clothes, for the choice of underwear, also divided into a variety of, usually a kind of clothes, with a kind of underwear.

Clothes have style, underwear naturally there are differences. There are small girls fresh, there are mature charm, there are mysterious temptation. So, do not look down on a small underwear.

1, with a soft cup lace underwear. Soft cup underwear, and now really contact less. But less steel ring to a fixed soft cup, not only in the free comfort above the strong, and soft cups are generally thin section, plus the back of the lace, more refreshing breathable.

2, triangular cup transparent bra. The cup is made of transparent ultra-soft mesh, plus bikini-style triangular cup design, water-soluble lace embroidery, very sexy. Underwear only use a single layer of fabric, wearing in the summer, no longer have to worry about the hot.

3, Japanese sweet lace bra. The use of clear yarn, embroidered in the above there are small flowers, the whole cup are decorated up. Style is very sweet, very girl feeling. Three quarters of the cup type, is a small chest sister, do not worry about the cup.

4, Bra Top Lace underwear. Bra-style stitching design, a pair of underwear can prevent the light, and also avoid summer wear underwear, as well as wearing a Bra. Side of the buckle design, can be very convenient, at any time can adjust the tightness of underwear.

5, white sexy lace underwear. Originally white gives the feeling is very pure, sweet. But in the lace after a little extension of the design, to create this hazy feeling, fantasy and sexy. Good gather effect, the chest is also very friendly.

6, lace adjustment underwear. Large area of ​​lace, in the underwear there is a split design, so that the lace is very natural to form a bow shape. White gives a pure style, black is a mysterious charm.

7, simple traceless underwear. With a unique metallic luster, sexy wine red, below the gloss, exceptionally charming and romantic. A forming of the incognito, but also very concentrated together, showing a very sexy chest type, so you are full of feminine.

With Lingerie to create for you, from the inside to the outside of the sexy

For girls,lingerie is essential, and a good underwear, not only can be determined by your breast, but also depends on your temperament. Many sister feel that underwear is to play a stable role in the chest, although the underwear is worn inside, but a nice look underwear, will make their own feelings of pleasure, unconsciously in their own to enhance their temperament.

A suitable underwear, when wearing, there will not be a strong sense of restraint, to allow the chest to breathe freely. General side of the wide underwear, not only the shape of a good effect, comfort is also high

Underwear sometimes can evoke, sister heart sinking girl heart. Beautiful lace hook side, even the shoulder belt also involved, with a few small bow embellishment, such a lingerie, can fully stimulate the old lady’s girl heart ah.

Full lace design, full of women show sexy side. Black underwear, it is suitable for the word shoulder clothes, shoulder strap exposed will not be embarrassing.

Europe and the United States soft cup underwear. Although there is no steel cup of soft cup design, but still has the role of shaping the chest type. Breathable fabric, thin and comfortable, do not worry in this hot season inside, will feel hot. Seamless design, no sense of Le.

Adjustable Deep V underwear. On the thin after the style, for the small chest sister is very friendly, has a great effect of gathering. Widen the side of the sideband, to better side of the back milk, but also improve the effect of pulling, so that the chest is more perfect.

One piece gather bra. Sweet maka dragon color, looking at people feel very comfortable. A piece of seamless underwear, although there is no steel ring, but the same has a sexy effect of gathering. Choose a soft fabric, bring the most gentle sense of care chest

Front buckle healthy bra. Will be cut in front of the design, the back of the scar, the most suitable for wearing a halter, and a good modification of the United States back, and the back of the tape, more sexy. Simple solid color style, behind can be sexy, in front can be pure.

No straps invisible bra. Summer wear the most headaches, it should be underwear shoulder problems. No shoulder strap design, the use of the middle of the chest strap to fix the bra, the success of the invisible underwear strap. Half cup of cup type, very suitable for small chest

Sexy lace bra. Bra strap, is designed double high elastic anti-skid shoulder strap, good elasticity, no longer feel the shoulder Le’s raw pain, and will not easily fall. Full lace on the back, very sexy and charming, small bow, add cute.

Lingerie, no steel ring is good

In the election underwear on this matter, my sister has always been very serious. In a few years ago, we seem to be very inclined, that kind of relatively thick, there are steel ring, strong gathering of underwear. Now, the girls have thrown the steel ring, began to love no steel underwear, and this is no steel underwear, in the end how good it.

With underwear of the steel ring, the general bondage is relatively strong. Although the effect is really strong gathering, but the thickness of underwear, coupled with the oppression of the ring, make the chest feel very Le.

And there are studies that women wear a long time with a steel ring, too tight underwear, easy to chest tightness, breathless situation, the development of the chest is also very bad.

Especially for adolescent girls, the chest is still in a stage of development, a long time imprisonment, not only will affect the development of physical health also have a certain impact.

No steel underwear, in the chest less a certain sense of oppression, not only to make the chest more natural breathing, it will not affect the normal development of the chest.

1, no steel mesh underwear. Remove the steel ring, but still have a great effect of gathering. The back is a cross-belt design, can better modify the United States back. Large area of ​​romantic lace surface, with soft mesh fabric, very beautiful and very sexy.

2, Europe and the United States Triangle Cup underwear. Put aside the general underwear buckle wear method, with elastic instead, in the summer to avoid the buckle loosened embarrassing situation. Smooth satin, with no trace design, coupled with ultra-soft lace, to bring the skin more friendly care.

3, one-piece gather underwear. The back of the design is very smooth, underwear also has enough support force, can make the chest more concentrated. No steel ring, naturally there is no pressure. Breathable fabric selection, will not let the chest stuffy.

4, ultra-thin sexy Seamless bra. Ultra-thin fabric, and the fabric is also very soft selection, with fine shoulder strap, the whole underwear are revealing sexy feminine. At the edge of the hood, with the lace of the lace edge, the performance of the charm of women.

Lingerie is too embarrassing? Blame you did not choose to bra

Summer one, the word shoulder, harness and halter style everywhere, but there is always an embarrassing situation plagued the crush who: the underwear with the how good, really bother na. Before there is a silicone nubra, but for a long time very uncomfortable, and now let buy buy bacteria to tell you that the market has a shoulder strap underwear, so that we can arbitrarily wear a variety of styles of clothing, comfortable and breathable. Take a look, everyone in accordance with their own needs to take it!

A woman’s wardrobe is never lost that one of the clothes is underwear, and song is the “let the fashion is no longer luxury” as a brand concept, that is, you have the ability to pay for its stylish appearance and unique personality, because it Will not let your purse hurt, can be said to be inexpensive, then what are you waiting for, buy buy buy!

No shoulder strap underwear style full of girls atmosphere, in the details of the dotted with exquisite little lace, blooming with a beautiful years, it is a small fairy’s love, gather the effect is not to, no longer just a temptation, But a beautiful sublimation!

This is not a lot of fancy elements of the embellishment, and some just pure tone, with the use of fine lace, the use of fine lace, , Fashion and romantic, but also very good to bring out a woman’s personality beauty!

The new wild invisible bra straps pull rope no trace bra the bride wedding dress silicone underwear dream pull, not Le will not fall, it is the chest of small ghosts of the gospel, because it will not appear empty cup expansion, really people do not heart It is hard!

Pink and lavender color can be lifted to the girl’s heart that root string, and can be disassembled bra bra-style bra is with a word shoulder artifact, to lace embellishment, so that girls more breath, a gathering effect Very good away from the deputy milk, personality and comfortable!

No shoulder strap lace peace of mind bra This is a shoulder strap underwear, the most suitable for the summer, cotton texture, how to wear a very comfortable, breathable excellent, no hot feeling, and will not decline, is true Really will not fall, want to buy to buy, do not have any concerns friends.

Want to unfettered summer, then quickly buy this sexy lace bra it, absolutely able to meet all your requirements, personality, sexy, comfortable everything. 5 row of the design, even if the shape of the shoulder strap, but also the same sense of security!

New lace fashion smooth no trace bra underwear comfortable and no sense of light face cup, upper body is really comfortable. On both sides of the lace stitching design, simple with a point of playful atmosphere, wild accompanied by competent, with the most stylish halter, breathable and the United States back effect is quite praise!

Chest little sister how with lingerie?

All through the thick pad, the lingerie of the girls know that every day off the moment of the underwear is to return to heaven that moment, the shoulder was very red Le, was the chest to live to breathe, but must everyone Have encountered can not be with them for the embarrassment of underwear problems, today Xiaobian for the majority of women for the benefit, in the face of this summer perspective, deep V, big halter and other evildo a single product, many sister paper that really will not wear The Often clothes have been bought home, but because do not know what to take Bra, and simply idle home! Xiaobian this issue to the depth of the analysis of these evildo cut how the dress with underwear.

One, exposed back section

Everyone wants to Lu Mei back, but also by underwear shaping the perfect chest type. For the choice of underwear is definitely a difficult point, it’s the focus is to let you see! nice! Back! Now a lot of silicone stick on the body of the underwear, tied to the waist underwear, back ties with lower position of the underwear to help us as much as possible to reveal the back.

Second, deep V
Wear deep V installed if the chest is not full, do not wear underwear, out of the effect is flat airfield, sexy no. This time how to wear underwear is particularly important. We have to do is not just to buy a suitable for V-shaped underwear can be resolved, even worse, need to control the extent of underwear care.

No shoulder strap underwear, more scientific and humane, the chest up pulling at the same time, the effective decomposition of the pressure on the shoulder, wear more comfortable, bra longer life. Completely eliminate the chest spill and armpit sub-breast phenomenon, so that the chest is more abundant abundance, wearing more comfortable and stable.

No steel band straps without straps brackets gathered on the care of the anti-skid chest stickers lace the United States back summer chest women underwear. Comfortable care on the chest, chest gather bandage, focus on the chest, no steel ring design is not tied, Embroidery, sweet and abstinence wind together, full of a mysterious girl temptation, very design sense! Remove the shoulder strap or cross the worn. A variety of worn to let you choose!

A large capacity, can be perfectly inclusive chest, is a big chest beauty favorite, cup face light and transparent through the yarn, this section of the body, Bra with high-quality high-soft milk fiber lining, skin-friendly soft and comfortable, so that the chest all day to get as milk-like nourish.

No shoulder strap stealth bra to gather anti-skid non-lingerie women’s beauty brassiere thin breasts wedding dress summer plus wide plus height, and large U US back design, so that women wearing a solid, inclusive back fat, , Strong stability, any occasion free to shake do not have to worry about shoulder straps fall, so how do you want to move on how to move.

This one kind of bare back without bracelet bra, not only has a strong support effect, and the use of skin-friendly silicone rubber, no shoulder With underwear is a harness skirt, Tube Top skirt good partner. Whether it is with a hanging neck T-shirt or bare evening dress, you can make your perfect highlight curve .

Your lingerie to “a few minutes” tight enough?

Lingerie, as the baby’s most intimate friends, the importance of self-evident, but now there are a lot of people in order to blindly pursue sexy full, will wear some of their actual underwear is not suitable for their own, sometimes strong and uncomfortable to wear. In fact, the most intimate underwear is also a lot of doorway.

The baby may sometimes wear their own underwear on the right to be confused, and even worry about steel ring underwear will not be any harm, the baby can be assured that there are many words have not been practical considerations. Baby or to science-based.

Babies really need to be vigilant is the following will harm the chest health of the “big trouble”:
First of all, underwear shoulder strap can not be too tight, because the nerves in our shoulders more, if the shoulder strap is too tight, will oppress the nerves on the clavicle, and even affect the body.

So in the choice of time, the baby must pay attention to their own experience of comfort and underwear flexibility, the best location should be your one finger can easily pass. Fullness baby should choose wide shoulder strap.

The following cold knowledge that certainly not many people know that in the menstrual period, but also pay attention to the choice of underwear! In the aunt to visit, the breast is sometimes larger than usual, so you should choose a larger cup, so that more relaxed themselves more comfortable.

Secondly, many babies will tangle the choice of steel ring, there is no fear of steel ring, and some uncomfortable. But in fact, this choice is to vary, the chest is more petite women, you can choose no steel ring, will be more natural and comfortable. But the full size of the baby who is best to choose some steel ring, full cover of the underwear, so that can play a solid role, but the gathering of underwear and full of full-bodied babies are very friendly.

Finally, do not forget to exercise must exercise underwear. Exercise, severe shock will cause harm to the chest, sweat discharge will affect your comfort, this time a suitable sports underwear, not only can help you perspiration, but also can stabilize the breast structure. So it is important to exercise this, but the baby do not covet comfortable to wear, because sports underwear on the plastic is very friendly.

Wear underwear must have the correct way to wear, first to the body to 45 degrees. And then pushed into the chest near the fat to a comfortable position, and then adjust the shoulder strap position to the appropriate step, and finally feel the underwear of the degree of fixation.

French romance and underwear

A walk on the banks of the Seine, a walk under the shadows of the Champs Elysees. The Frenchman’s romance is actually showing their pursuit of exquisite, elegant, comfortable life, for romantic desire.

On the French underwear romantic, so that you have seen after the heart of the desire to live.

Perhaps you choose the angle of underwear is also placed in the deep V gather, no trace of skin care these dresses comfortable kinetic energy above, but comfort is important, but who do not want to see the exposed shoulder strap exposed shoulder strap, sports underwear flattened chest Type of embarrassing scene when it? However, the pursuit of the law for the underwear is not just so simple and comfortable, more attention is the underwear and different occasions, different styles with.

A set of French underwear can make their full range of beautiful and sexy, so the overall dress style is to some sexy, or some leisure sports, in the selection of underwear should be taken into account.

If you want to go sexy style today, then absolutely can not let the lace this element. Etam, the French tradition, the iconic lace of the unique sense of design by the designer hand-painted! And their home suit style up to 15 species, and 13 colors available for seasonal and fashion trends with the choice.

And for women to bring self-confidence huit, bold and bright fashion color, so huit more unique taste. Delicate pattern embellishment, outline the natural chest lines and show sexy.

Blind pursuit of the appearance of bright and beautiful, but ignored the “grandmother” style underwear, which really okay? Or how to seize the right to choose the right French underwear it!

1. soft cup of silk

French romantic feelings do not have too many exaggerated elements, like a blooming open small daisies. Very simple style of silk underwear can be a good interpretation of this romantic romance, silk texture gives a unique sense of a smooth feeling, still do not live in the heart of a desperate desire. And silk texture of the minimalist wind underwear, you can also wear on a jacket, romantic with a handsome taste.

2.Sexy lace

Underwear, of course, is not open with the sexy, and how sexy will be less lace it! Lace, but with the ultimate sense of the elements of the temptation, of course, is the French women’s favorite. Clear tulle, extremely charm, which is not the heart of the truth!

The choice of lace must be assured of the material, like silk, satin this can make you feel comfortable and comfortable.

3. No trace of the girls cup

If you do not want too sexy, you can choose a thin cup with a girl’s feelings. Youth age, which is the trend of popular clothing in recent years.

One piece of trace-free breathable deep v sexy comfortable young lady gather bra underwear to adjust the type of auxiliary breast bra

There is a bow on the chest highlights the sweet temperament, with a simple and clear line of fresh and beautiful decoration, the side of the way with lace stitching, with a romantic girl’s taste.

Summer cool, lingerie wear surgery

Do not want to wear lingerie hot season, again, the little fairies who put on a light, thin, through, exposed summer. Light, thin, transparent, revealing the cool choice but will let your underwear no escape, this time to completely reveal whether you really is a life of exquisite woman.

Shaji Er comfortable no steel lace bra Japanese sexy gather gather half a cup of women’s underwear suit

Non-slip silicone strip to join, greatly enhance the stability of wearing, with strapless shoulder to show charming and confident. 1/2 on the thin under the thick mold cup auxiliary lift Shoulong, to create a rounded tall and straight chest type. No steel ring does not squeeze the thymus, to create a comfortable sense of your wear.

Shakespeare no steel ring girls bra set adjustable small brassiere summer sexy gathered underwear thin section

No steel ring design, relieve chest pressure, gentle care chest health. 3/4 cup type push the chest, the cup is not deliberately push the chest, wearing a comfortable and natural. Soft mesh fabric, breathable effect, summer can also make the skin feel cool feeling.

Shaji children sexy straps gathered small breasts underwear set half a cup of white lace Japanese bra thin summer

Full of girls feel blowing. Chest ribbon tied to the bow, give us infinite fantasy, but not to give people a very deliberate feeling, a better embodiment of the bumpy body.

Shaji Er soft steel ring ladies bra suit Japanese sweet retro strap on the thin under the thick lace half cup underwear

White lace covered in cup, gentle and sweet and pleasant. On the thin under the thick cup, flexible focus on the chest, no chest pad can wear out rounded chest type. Chest retro strap design, gather the degree of random choice, easy to gather deep career line.

No steel ring sleep bra large size breathable lace summer Tube Top Vest sports sleep underwear ultra-thin cover

With a full lace design! Internal skin care fabric for cotton, chest pad can be removed without any metal, breathable, comfortable, soft texture, smooth, more suitable for summer wear, physical examination, exercise, sleep, menstruation, outdoor can wear Oh!

Summer ultra-thin bra under the thin lace girls underwear to gather no sponge lady adjustable stealth sexy bra

Summer feel hot Summer MM style bra! Ultra-thin lace breathable bra bra, the real one will breathe the bra, super breathable, super comfortable, do healthy sexy woman it!


Quality lingerie let you do confident woman!

Underwear is our most personal clothing, so the underwear fabric must be good, of course, underwear is not only clothes, TA can help us shape the elegant curve, gather the chest, piercing women’s self-confidence charm.

With the opening of the community, underwear is not a woman’s fig leaf, TA as a synonym for sexy and elegant by our relish, a quality underwear, can give women more charm and sexy.

TOP1. The United States back gather bra underwear

The United States and the back of the underwear gathered in the back of the chest back before the depth of the deep V thin with a small chest sexy brunette comfortable girl with delicate soft fabric, coupled with smooth design, let us wear more comfortable, high-quality fabric can show Elegant feminine, front buckle deep V design, easy to wear at the same time, can better show the back of the curve.

TOP2. No steel ring Seamless sexy thin section underwear

Summer breasts thin section without steel rims Seamless sexy small chest comfortable glossy Triangle Cup girls thin mold cup underwear no steel ring design, can give our chest to bring a comfortable sense of support, the curvature of the edge of the cup more fit your chest. High-quality charm of the shadow fabric, comfortable and very soft, better care to the skin

TOP3. Lace Thickening Adjustable Bra

Small chest gather bra deep v sexy hollow lace thickening adjustment type deputy milk palm underwear female bra four row four buckle side widened design underwear, cup edge comfortable soft steel ring can better care your breasts, stickers Wearing more comfort, with a strong effect of gathering.

TOP4. Adjust the type of non-ring bra

Lace small bra to adjust the type of thick and thin section of sexy underwear ladies vest no steel bra in the cup cup cup can be effectively put together a bra, underwear set the function of the massage, can promote blood circulation, effective help Add the feeling of abundance.

TOP5. Seamless one-piece cloak bra

Slim pavilion underwear women no steel bracelet summer no trace of a piece of thick sections of sexy stripes small bra very fresh one underwear, seamless design is suitable for summer wear, thin clothes are not thoroughly, plus underwear Of the strap design, to effectively gather, more chest abundance.